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    I've had this one before when I lived in Georgia. This pot is not deep enough. Man, I'm 5'2 and my planers came above my knee - just like the photo I showed. Planters not pots.

    Roots are long. And, I don't want to replant just because the pot is too small. I rather repot cause soil is old. I can't imagine how this plant is even balancing in such a small pot. I had trouble in a very deeo planter with that plant.

    When you do repot, you want the plant to petrude as much as possible without exposing roots. It's trial and error which will require some digging is you go too high. My planter takes a whole large bag of potting mix.

    One very important detail is to start with large pebbles at the bottom, it prevents water log.2/10 pebbles, soil, position, and them more soil to top off.

    When you replant, and see the roots, you'll see the crowding. Be very careful. Roots are like the plant's heart. You will feel the life. You will bond. Think living things.

    This sucker is gonna get big. Planters can get expensive. It's alot of effort to pot large plants, so think about how large a planter you will use so you don't have to disturb the plant and exert that efforr unnecessarily.