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    Sister's boyfriend turns up with his computer - an HP Intel i5 3570 refurb - he bought from some guy for $ 120 and said it was running slow and the Sister's grand son might have done something to it. Fires up to Windows 10 no problem but slowly, and the 20h2 update was never applied. Tried applying it and it keep bombing. Thinking the HDD was failing I fire up Linux Mint from a USB stick and take a lot at the SMART data ......

    Drive status OK; 17 bad sectors ... power on time 7 years 3 months and some odd days ...Laughing

    Rebooted to Windows and attempted an in-place upgrade with my USB stick while giving him the bad news about the drive running on fumes. He remarks how fast and snappy my i5 4670K is and I explain that it's mainly due to the 500GB Samsung SSD I'm using. I show him how fast it rebooted to Windows 10 and how cheap even a 256GB SSD at Staples was and he says, "You know what?!? Let me run a few errands and I'll be back with that drive. I've been here for hours!" 20 minutes later, he shows up with an HP 250GB S700 SSD and 2 Natty Daddys. Crack the case open, and the HDD is under the DVD burner so I had to remove both and discover the SSD can't be mounted without a bracket. But by golly I hooked the drive up, put the DVD burner back in and the theory I had in mind was correct. Between the weight of the DVD burner and the stiffness of the SATA and power cables on the SSD, it wasn't going anywhere and wouldn't get unplugged. Fired the cookiemonster back up and had a fresh install of Windows 10 20H2, all updates, and all drivers installed within an hour.

    I turned to him and said, "Go ahead and shut it down. You'll like what you see!" Big Grin

    Two seconds later, the screen goes black and the power clicks off. "Wow! That old drive would sit there spinning the icon forever!"

    That mothertreetrunker is NEVER going back ... he hath been converted! Tongue