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    Since I've known him he has never been interested in smoking weed. I know he has in the past but not in the years I've known him. He has even made fun of me accusing me of being high all the time(I'm not, infact b4 the pandemic I probably smoked like once a week if not less) A few months ago he had 1 hit off someone else's but that was it. So out of the blue yesterday he starts asking me about getting some and I assumed it was for his sister which he has asked me to get it for her in the past, but he said it was for himself. Ok. Weird. He starts HARRASING me asking if I was gonna go last night and I was like "uh no", it's like a 20 min drive. So he goes and looks on the website to see what he wants and we discuss it. Today he asked when I'm going and I said we could go today if he is at my job at 5pm when I get off..or Friday or the weekend...he says ok 5 today . I tell him he's driving. He says ok. Then tries to get me to come pick him up. I tell him no. About 4:30 he starts asking about the stray cat yesterday and I tell him I'll tell him later ... he says ok... 10 mins b4 5 he text me "you get off at 6 right?" 😳 I tell him "5. I told you 5. Guess we are doing it another day". Like WTF. You are going to harass me about this for 2 days and not even get the time right? And he can't say he forgot cause I treetrunking texted him "5" so all he had to do was look at the text again. Now I have a headache. I'm glad I didn't have to go but so frustrated with him right now.