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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
    Joined dxpnet on January 11, 2011.
    Sat...went out with some from the group to watch the Blues and Cards play...more people came which was cool...so I met a bunch more. Some others went to a movie outside (we were all gonna go but it had been raining all day) Pisces fam came in from Cali ...so she took them there along with the Libra and some others who had kids.

    Sunday went out to dinner with a few people. Of course the Libra was there this time with his kid. Pisces was also there...not surprising but some others that I've seen but never really interacted with...so I got to know them more. Another girl who I met originally was back from vacay and so she was there as well. We all ended up outside playing soccer with the Libras kid. He's adorable and going to be a heart breaker. He gave me this look...this side eye smirk and I looked over at the libra and was like wtf was that look?! He's definitely your kid. Libra was dying laughing. We moved from the inside to the outside so we could play soccer. Damn...if I had just a tiny amount of energy as kids do...it's just not fair...adults need it more lol. Anyway...I sat down and the Libra sat right next to me...Pisces across from me. Libra was on her phone scamming a scammer that she had. Again...he kept only acting like it was just me and him there...everytime he talked ...he looked at me and showing me etc. He consciously has to make himself acknowledge the others. I watched him to really make sure and it's pretty obvious. He did it inside too when I was at the other end of the table. He'd say some ego butter which was funny but he'd direct at me and then wink and laugh cause he knows I'm rolling my eyes etc 🤦🏼‍♀️. So me and the pisces are talking about guys, dates etc. A totally separate convo. The libra then goes into this whole thing about one of the chicks he was with before...but directing this at me and then showing me screenshots etc. The Pisces even started to notice how much he seems to only tell me stuff..shed look at him then look at me. She even tried to get his attention but he didn't realize it ...I could just feel the idk what coming from her. Why tf does he do that for?! Does he think that's gonna impress me? I seriously don't get the whole showing me other chicks stuff (no pics just convos this time)...its weird! Whatever...we all get ready to leave and he hugs me bye. We all walk out and apparently I parked right next to him. He tells me to be careful going home. The end.

    Monday was vball...we lost all of our games again but...we did so much better. Got double digits points and even came close to winning one...21-16 ..our best yet lol. We had more people come cheer us on to the point we took up two big ass picnic table 😆.

    I have so many things coming up...one is a big ass parking lot party. My group is showing up 80s style (it's not themed lol). Anheuser-Busch is gonna be there etc...we got a hotel room since it's kinda far. I'll get to actually drink and join in more because we will Uber to the hotel etc...I probably still won't but I can. The once the pools open ...we doing a girl's day and night, there's gonna be a float trip etc etc. I've never been invited to this much butter before idk what to do lol.

    I miss my pup tho and still look for him and when I'm out I'm like I got to go home then I'm like fuuuuck 😔. My uncle has the pup someone found in the winter next to a dumpster...so I play with her when I see her and he offered to let me take her whenever I want but it's not the same as my weird goofball pup pup. Hurts my heart...ugh.