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    *pic in the reply of the Pisces, me and the Libra that I talk about below*
    Went to karaoke last night. Drunk people really can not sing 🤦🏼‍♀️😆. So the Libra makes a post about it's his last day at his job and to come out to celebrate and he adds people to the post that he's with. I wasn't one of them which is fine but everyone was invited. This was early afternoon. I get back on later and all the sudden...I'm added as one of the people with him. Umm ok 🤔. He does that butter on purpose...I'm telling ya! A couple of the girls are going and they ask if I am. I'm like I might come for a bit later on. I get there around 930. A couple more people I've never met were there so I'm trying to talk and butter with em but I'm tired asf and not really in the mood lol. I go over to the girls and we're have a good time. Libra spots me and waves. Everyone's talking and then there's me... observing lol. Watching how everyone interacts, their body language etc etc. I love people watching. One of the girls doesn't realize she might end up in a 3some with a couple...dudes all rubbing on her and his gf 🤦🏼‍♀️😆. There's a new guy in the group who was there and keeps staring at me. He introduces himself again...I tell him my name again and can tell he wants to keep talking but I'm not in the mood...so I maneuver my way out of it lol. Libras right in front of me talking to one of the girls about the job he's going back to (I already knew all this as he told me before). She wants his dick and he's just being a Libra...it's funny to watch the thirst lol. The night dwindles down and he asks me if everything is ok...I'm like yeah, just tired...been a long day. He reaches across me for his beer and then apologizes and pats me on the back...ummm ok lol. I notice how much his is staying by me now...instead of going to sit down or mingle...he's just standing kinda behind me but at my side as I'm sitting there. We talk some more and he's telling me a story about how some girls like air hump dudes when they find out about the job he's going back to and then he grabs my leg to imitate it like...he doesn't hump my leg lol but makes that gesture with grabbing my leg. That draw tho...it's like he can't stay away...this is not me bragging or anything like that...I literally observed everyone all night including him. Me and one of the girls goes out to smoke. We come back and now he is sitting where I was...so I sit in the seat next to him. It's almost his turn to sing (leo mars...gotta be in that spotlight 😆).

    Oh...before that the Pisces comes over and shes like we need a pic of the 3 amigos (I'm a stand in when one of the original amigos isn't there lol). Mind you...I take terrible pics when others take em...I already have one floating around out there from earlier 😑. So, I'm hesitant but I'm like ok. So it's Pisces, libra than me...I have to lean over to get in it just waiting to see how cringe this will turn out. I smile...try to genuinely. Well I'll be damned ...the pic turned out pretty damn good. Libras like that a really good pic...save it and send it to me. Umm yeah, he's leaning his head right over towards me and with the way of me leaning in to get in the pic...I'm actually right in front of him but it looks like I'm leaning on him...we look like a couple with the Pisces standing off to the side. Great...I can just hear the rumors starting 🙄😑. Whatever... eventually it'll come cause it's me...someone always has to start some bs with me. Pisces tells me he's been acting distant towards her and she thinks her fwb thing is coming to an end and I can tell she's sad about it. He goes up to sing and it's backstreet boys 😑🤦🏼‍♀️😆. The whole place starts singing and dancing (I took vid cause it's terrible 😆). Us 3 are the only ones left and we butter the place down and end up in the parking lot talking for another hour lol. They get their ubers and I go home. The end. Fun night tho even tho I wasn't fully engaged...all that energy is too damn much for me...you'd think my Leo bits would love it but they really don't.

    Speaking of leo...the leo texts me and calls me last night talking about how he wants to just sleep with me and cuddle and he's never like that etc etc ...lies for kitty I'm sure but wtf man. I tell him I'm out and he's like with a guy but sounded very dishearten when asking .. usually it's sarcastic and I'm like no, with the a group. He goes on about how it's weird that he just wants to cuddle me. Yeah ok 🙄. I tell him I'll call him back later...I did, no answer which I already knew. He's sulking cause I'm not available to him like he wants me to be...sorry bro 🤷🏼‍♀️.