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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
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    The place was cool...it over looks the Mississippi. I had fun tho..met some more people lol. We are all gonna go back ...the small group and stay down there. Libra told me he loved me and when he did...the Pisces looked shocked...hell, I was shocked. Of course he didn't mean love love....but he was being obnoxious like Sag mooners can be and I would just look at him and shake my head the way us Virgos do 😂. And he just blurts out "I love you" you just sit there and shake your head at me. Ummm Idk what to say to that but ok then lol. Anyway...a couple of us wen to eat. The Aries who I originally met ...said you know...we hang out with you more than we do with the guy we met you thru. Libra then says ...I've been thinking and it's time to add LIMM to the group chat. Aries was like I was just gonna say that and another girl said the same...so I'm officially a part of the group. Oh god 😬. I did catch the Libra staring at me when we were at the river ...like full on and then watched him like say oh butter to himself and he quickly looked away....but when we were eating. Me and him were dying laughing at each other. There's was a couple sitting next to our table and the chick was getting worked up and he was staring at them and I'm like stop it ...he's like I can't help it ..it's like a trainwreck...so he was trying to finish his beer and anytime they made a noise he was side eying them and wed start laughing...I'm like you're such a child. Fire moons smh 😂. Then when we were leaving...I was park on the other end of the parking lot and I told them all bye...libra yells out I love you and started doing heart drawings in the air....wtf is wrong with this dude 😂. He was also super sad that I didn't show last night when he mentioned about them going out. He's all you missed it last night...the karaoke was bumping ..I don't think there will ever be another night like it smh. Yeah, he likes me...whether like that idk for sure but he definitely likes me around. I love when someone's moon is in my 1st ...they seriously adore you and you know how these leo moons love that butter 😂. Whatever 🙄