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    Lost all of our vball games tonight but we are getting better...I think 😆.

    Something strange kinda happened tonight. Libra messaged asking if we won any of our games. We got to talking and of course me being me...I go in asking deep ass questions and to my surprise...he answered them. Anyway...he vented some and I kinda mentioned what I see re things I've observed about him...he agreed. We got to talking about friendships. He mentioned how his friends are like family to him and I said I loved that because that's how it should be especially if you have an awesome group of friends. I told him how much I appreciated him and everyone else for bringing me into their circle...I'm all like you guys didn't have to do that. He tells me he thinks I'm very cool, honest and fun and he loves that about me (3 times now and I don't hear him say that to anyone else but we shall see down the road...this may be his thing). He stated he can trust me and that not a easy thing to do because he doesn't trust easily and its important to him. I said I felt the same way because it is. He mentions how groups talk etc and it gets old. I tell him that exactly why I've always been kind of a loner or outsider...Im not a fan of being brought in the middle of things. We mention how we both have tempers (fire moons 😆) and how we both like to be goofy and laugh etc. It was a good little chat...and I'm not entirely sure why it happened lol. Normally when he's chatted before...it was kinda here and there but this was an actual convo. He must be drunk or something lol. He said something arrogant and I rolled my eyes and tell him I can't with him...he laughs. He likes to see me roll my eyes or just stare at him and shake my head lol. So we tell each other night. I always call him an ass and he calls me a nerd...so that's our sign off 🙄😆.