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    So my ex’s sister had contacted me to wish me a happy belated bday, and then said something today that literally took me off my feet! “The troll”, as she calls her, accused him of cheating with me. I guess because I paid him back! This is a guy who—no lie—goes to work and goes home to his girl. He’s loyal to a damn fault!! AND—I live across the country!! We don’t talk, ever. Don’t have bud number even. Anyways—he finally left!!!!!!!! I hope for good this time. I started shaking and crying, at first I couldn’t speak when my friend asked me what it was. My knees buckled and I sat down and just sobbed out of joy and relief. Relief that maybe he can find some peace now, and take some time to heal himself. He’s been so unhappy for so long…. I’m so hopeful for him. What a butt…. I would be stoked if my man got $ 2k for us from some old gf—bc I would trust that he’s not out treetrunking her somehow. How after 6 years together does she not trust him of all people??!?!? She’s a troll, that’s why. Lol omg my anxiety is crazy high rn lol