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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
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    The Sag is officially across the country...I haven't checked in with him to see how things are...giving him some time to adjust. Went to a bonfire tonight...someone told me her story...it's so damn similar to mine...she just blurted it all out to me.

    With all that said...I have this Libra (Taurus moon in the 8th H) that had been really after me. Apparently he's been watching me for a while which he mentioned again. He's everywhere I am now lol. So I gave him a chance and he just asked me on a second date tonight. I don't even like Libras 😩 but we get a long really well and have fun together. I'm not even trying to date...just wanted to do me.

    The cap had been hella cold to me. I finally called him out. We kinda got into it because I found out something that he omitted. We went back n forth and I gave him a chance to explain before I tell him to treetrunk off...he wouldn't tell me much. Well...he brought it all up again and I'm like finally. We go back n forth more about it. I told him I'll just leave him alone if he wants ...of course he didn't say anything. I apologized for reacting the way I did and that I was sorry if he felt like I didn't want to hear him out.. I did, I wanted to understand. Idk how things will go cause its hunting season so... whatever.

    The Libra that the Pisces was dealing with is coming around again...at least to me. We had a long ass talk, I called him out, he of course tried to backpedal, became defensive etc but finally realized I'm not trying to attack ..just talk ...but I said he is the reason all this happened. His actions caused this reaction. Apparently the Libra chick friend is no more...he cut her off finally for her bs. He told her LIMM was right about you lol. I told ya so dude. I finally got to see his kid and he ran up and jumped in my arms (he wasn't keeping him from me ...just hadn't been around with all the bs). It broke my heart when he said.. it's been so long since I seen you ...he's 6 💔. The Pisces got to see him too the next day as he sat with us at taco Tuesday instead of his dad and the gf 😆. Things aren't 💯 there yet but he's been more interactive with me especially since the Libra chick is out of the pic...only reason is because he didn't want to hear her cookiemonster and complain...no he doesn't have to worry about it...which is bs but it is what it is. butters exhausting 🙄