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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
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    I got myself in a situation 😬. So I'm at my gas station I frequent for years and I see this dude at the soda fountain...I'm like wait is that? Naw...it can't be, why would he be in this neighborhood (it's a good distance from his). But for some reason I keep staring...his back is turned to me but I walk past trying to get a peak of his face...he's wearing a mask so I still couldn't tell. So I'm walking out and at the last min he turns around and I hear his voice. It's the Libra Taurus mooner that's been hardcore chasing me and I went on one date with and he's been trying to plan another. I'm like wtf are the odds. We stood and takes for like 2 hrs 🤦🏼‍♀️. He said he thought that was my car but he's also was like naw till he seen my license plates and he's like oh it starts with a ...maybe it is her and then he's like naw (he said he couldn't remember the rest but new the 1st 3). Like this dude memorized part of my plates 😳. He's telling me all kinds of stuff...how he's not going anywhere and I'm gonna be his...either just friends, lover, bff or hell maybe even his wife 😳. A couple weeks back I was joking with him and as we were talking ...I started playing tpain I'm sprung. He was dying laughing. So that's been our thing now 🤦🏼‍♀️😆. He told me he wasn't gonna tell me he loved me but hed say he was sprung...that would be our I love yous 😳. He then tells me ...there is just something about you. You're different...it's like I'm being sucked in. He's like your eyes...there's this look you do with them. It makes me miss and crave you, I want you etc etc. He couldn't stop wanting to touch me to where I even called him out lol. Our charts are butter besides his Pluto exact sextiles my Venus, dw of moon/Mars and dw of sun/moon and his Mars falls in my 1st H...that's pretty much it. Composite the moon is in the 8th H. I had hardcore pluto aspects amongst other things and heavy composite and nothing. Just when I think I get astrology...I don't lol. Anyway...how do I get out of this 😬.