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    My emotions are strong asf today...they were yesterday too. I have the strong urge to tell the Cap I kinda miss him...like wtf, why?! I pretty much talk to him everyday. LIMM stop it!!! I know the urge will pass until next time...so I'm hoping venting and writing it down helps. God I hate when this happens. Why can't I just get to know someone and let things happen as they happen?! Noooo.. my emotions gotta take hold and wild out. I'm so annoyed with it. Either I'm fishing for a reaction or self sabotaging and trying to freak him out and push him away or both. Like I'm too damn old...stop it!!! πŸ˜‘

    I'll tell ya what tho and I was super proud of myself lol. I got a new tat and to again get a reaction from him. I only texted "finally got my hole filled" (I filled in the gap basically) and was gonna be all like . Oh shit I thought the pic was added when I got to see his reaction to that. I sent it while he was a sleep....then I deleted it altogether cause it was dumb. Growth lol