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    Get this shit. Soooo we had a party for the Pisces....the Libra who she was with came and brought the gf. Ok fine. Well the gf pulls me aside and we are talking. She mentioned the female Libra that started all the bs months back...that there is something weird there...she's like between you and me...is she obsessed with my bf. I told yes...yes she is. She then tells me all this things .....one of which that she better be careful of me and the Pisces ...it's probably a trap anytime she goes where we are. I tell the gf ...if me and the Pisces were out to get her ...it would have happened by now...but we are grown ass adults and literally don't give a fuck. She tells me more things this female Libra has been doing. She mentioned bday and how the male libra was thinking of taking her to see a band. The female Libra tells the gf this and then says he's just doing that to get me. The gf is like wtf would him taking me to see a band try to get you. I said exactly....now you may understand exactly what we dealt with for months. I said don't be surprised if she tries to get rid of you like she tried with us. I said if you have that feeling...trust your gut...but I'm glad you are seeing it firsthand. This female Libra is something else but boy I'm so happy the gf can see it ...now everything we said for months and all the drama and back n forth...me and the Pisces were right on the money with. And to rub it in more...we all 3 took a pic together. Eat shit bitch.