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    Me: joking around with the Cap
    Cap: alrighty
    Me: are you in a moody mood
    Cap: idk what the deal is
    Me: *smiling* cause instead of just him pretending things are fine... actually kinda tells me what's up

    More talking etc...we got into a heated discussion...not really heated like mad but it got super intense.

    Me: ngl it was super hot to see some emotion from you even if it was a small amount.
    Cap: maybe someday I'll let someone past the shell
    Me: maybe one day you will.

    Ahhhh so Mr. Cap has a shell (laughs cause cancer is their opposite) which he tries to pretend like he doesn't. Not sure if he meant me as someone or just saying it in general and it's not like I didn't already know....but its the fact he finally admitted it. Progress I guess lol.