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    When they talk about "That nigga," I'm him, I'm him, I'm that nigga...
    Joined dxpnet on January 27, 2012.
    It’s been quite a7 months.
    • Was given 59 days to move due to owner wanting to take advantage of the housing boom.
    • Started looking for places to rent but there were bidding wars with renting. They wanted to hold on to first month and deposit while gathering and selecting. That’s $ 5k on average, running to banks getting deposits back. Each owner had their own priorities, and you could never guess which was #1 – lease term, deposit amount, going over rent, or credit, or income.
    • Fractured my ankle before time to pack and move.
    • Started a house hunt choosing a bullshitting ass nonprofit. After 6-months of the bullshit, I bought a house and closed in 45 days. Lost the first two bidding wars. Third times is a charm. 3.3% interest w/an assumable loan. Was trying to get in there before interest rates went up. Had the loan companies bid against each other. I chose the one who locked the rate. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Now that’s a proper bidding war.
    • Had two paid off 2015’s - R/T Durango and R/T Charger and the maintenance, repair, and replacement began right after pay off like clock work in the tune of $ 15k over a period 7 months for both from window not going up (on both) to drive shaft replacement on one and stuff in between. Eating away at my home purchase deposit.
    • Daughter was being bullied by a 40 y.o. roommate (aquarius). Tried to see if there was a physical remedy but she didn’t want none. So, pressing charges and she kept not showing up, finding excused but we are staying the course… bench warrants, restraining orders, eviction, etc.
    • Found out my dog is dying of a liver tumor and has a hernia.
    Hmm, I’m sure I’m missing some more, LOL. But I’s a warrior!!