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    Me and the Cap went toe to toe the other day.
    So this dude knows me and out to a fucking T and I absolutely hate it cause I have no clue how he knows these things. Anyway...he knows I'm possessive. I don't hide it...I have toned it down but there are still times where rage engulfs every inch of my body. I'll say something sarcastic...like "oh why don't you just go meet her then" or send 🙄...shit like that and it's again every so often. He tells me to stop, says something reassuring and I say sorry and I'm over it.

    Que the other day. He send me the 🙄. I'm like wait why am I getting the eye roll. He's like what do you just go purchase one. (I made a comment about if I could get a link to purchase...it was a vid of hot guys with dad bods lol). I'm like ok ok...well played. He kept on...so I played along. He kept on...now I'm like well is he playing or is he being serious. I ask....he keeps on. This goes on for a while...I asked about 6 times if he was joking or being serious cause I can't tell anymore. Now I'm getting pissed and I flat out was like wtf dude. He's like oh I'm just giving you shit...like you do me. I'm like I figured that but why couldn't you say that wayyyyy earlier. He's like oh don't like how it feels huh. I snap...I go off on him. He's like ohhh you gonna be butt hurt now. Nope but i am pissed that you felt you needed to get some weird ass revenge on me. You know I'm possessive...either deal with it or don't (we just have a Convo about how we won't change). He's like I wasn't getting revenge. I'm like you used one of my weakness against me. We told each other we wouldn't do that. I'm like congrats tho...you got me. I tell him imma let him sit with that and I deactivated my acct. I know myself...I would have said a lot more and I needed to not have access to him. Childish...maybe but I really don't care.

    Que the next day n a half....He trying to get my attn on my alter acct (we talk on my main acct only). I finally give in and reactivate my acct. I tell him I'm really still very much irritated with him but I low-key....the lowest of keys...kinda miss him 🙄. We go back n forth and he's like...so you just blocked me like it was nothing. I was just giving you trouble. I said your text said otherwise. So I'm like anyway hey. He says mhm hi. And we kinda talked normally.

    I'm high-key pissed still about the using my weaknesses against me. Ive even explained to him multiple times how I can't help it. There's been times where I just flat out have told him...that made me feel some type of way. But now I'm paranoid...like what else is he gonna use against me since he knows fucking everything (ive never confirmed nor denied if he was right or wrong on his assessment of me...but he is bang on). He said I made myself loud and clear and I think it really bothered him that he thought he was blocked but is he plotting and scheming to get back at me for that too?! Ugh...I hate him 😑. We aren't even together...like wtf LIMM 🤦🏼‍♀️. Why...why do I have to deal with this shit...this is all I attract and exactly why I stay by myself. Side note...it's also kinda all hot...yeah I know 🥴