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    Mr. Cap is just as worry when he doesn't hear from me. He asked me the other day if I was being anti him πŸ˜†. We hadn't talked for 2 days lol. We did have a pretty good little discussion about me being a pain in the ass and him doing shit on purpose. I apologized for blocking him...that really bothered him...he's like you did that with a quickness. I told him it's not an excuse but defense mechanism. He said he figured that out. And yet he is still sticking around. He's opened up more. He was having a bad day and I knew why...I think that kinda shocked him. I tried to help him get thru that day and I think I did...at least kept his mind off of it. I asked for a selfie and joked that I forgot what he looked like (haven't seen him in a while due to work...hes been working OT πŸ™„πŸ˜†). He sent one immediately which I thought was adorable lol. I've kept my territorialness at bay...well kinda 😬. I hardly interact with him in the group to not make it obvious cause we are both private...well, here lately I have been... basically to let it be known we talk and not just in the group but he's been doing the same...still trying to keep it to where I'm sure people are wondering lol. But I haven't attacked him about things. Some chick commented and then sent πŸ₯°. I was like wtf then I just said you know what...if they want him fine and vice versa where as before...I would have said something sarcastic to him ...like awe that's so cute or overly used the emoji πŸ˜†πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. #growth? Lol. Plus not a lot of women will be able to deal with how much he works and no matter what I throw at him ..he's still sticking around and worried when he doesn't hear from me...soooo there's are that.

    I start sand volleyball on Monday...I'm so excited. Plus I'll be seeing the Cap afterwards.

    My landlord (which is my uncle) is raising my rent $ 100 which is bs but still cheaper than everywhere else. Like really...you're gonna do it now πŸ˜‘. Whatever. He better be fixing everything and redo my apt too then....like he keeps saying.