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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
    Joined dxpnet on January 11, 2011.
    My personality gets me in trouble (not a humble brag). I'm just bantering and bull shitting and these dudes fucking love it....I'm like wtf. I had to be a detective for the Libra ...so I msged this dude and asking him some questions...see what he'll tell me. Dude wants to come visit and meet up (he lives in Oregon). The Cap with a Leo moon is back...he's trying to fly me out to Jersey or him flying here to see me. I have multiple ones that jumped in my dms cause of my sense of humor. I'm just bantering...nothing more but of course they wanna take it further. I swear I'm being baited by the universe. Like leave me alone...I don't wanna and I'm not trying to get sucked in. It's like the become obsessed...it's weird. Some of them I won't even speak with or interact and they jump right in.