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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
    Joined dxpnet on January 11, 2011.
    I have a Leo friend (cancer moon) she's was on my vball team last year...well she met someone...a Virgo, Pisces moon, Leo Venus and Mars and scorp rising (I did his chart while hanging out with both of them) For some reason he adores me...I've met him a handful of times, hung out (again she was there every time) and we joke and laugh but apparently he's always asking if I'll be there and got mad I wasn't playing kickball. Now I respect the fuck out of my Leo friend and all my friends with bfs...I try and keep that as casual asf because I don't want them to think I'm after their man or vice versa. He came up to me last night tho...super excited and gave me a hug...but one where his hands are super low...like when you haven't seen your girl or guy for a while and you do that hug where like you're gonna pick them up and spin them around lol...instead of your standard hug around the back. Idk if that makes sense. Anyway....I was all like wtf is going on lol and my Leo friend just laughed but I think she was even like um ok. It was super awkward tho lol. He's like in love with her and they are perfect together and I hope she doesn't think otherwise.

    I seen my other Leo (also a cancer moon) friend last night...the one that used to come to all my vball games. I swear when we are in the same room we just gravitate towards each other...we don't even talk like we use to cause of our little fight we had but we can't help it...I spent the rest of the night talking to him lol.

    Forgot to mention this about the Pisces bf. He's been hung up on trying to find out where I live (he was at one point working basically down the street and he's like imma come over and take a shit. He doesn't even work at the same location anymore). Welllll last night he comes over to me and shows me a pic of my Apt. I just played it off like it didn't look familiar. Wtf...is that not super fucking weird?! After months you're still trying to find it and then you do...I wanted to ask him how but I didn't want to confirm it's my place. Again this just adds to why I'm not a fan of his.