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    Cap yesterday...send me a pic. Me thinking it's a meme...nope, a selfie. I'm like this mfer 😑😆 ...I know what he's doing. I heart it and go about my day. So I send him a selfie back later...looking all done up and shit. He immediately is like hey...got em! Lol. Anyway...later on I'm a little tipsy and I just msg him why are you so fucking hot ugh. He's like that was random. I say maybe but doesn't make it any less true. He says what made you say that. I say my eyes lol. He says well alright but did you see a pic or something. Seeeeee, I knew what he was doing. I'm like yeah the one you sent. He's says ohhh so you like the hat huh (cowboy hat). I tell him he's hot with or without the hat. He's say well thanks. I'm like ugh. He says why ugh. I tell him cause I'm ridiculously attracted to him and it's annoying 😆. He says now that shouldn't be annoying...I do that thing you like. This mfer 😑 lol. I tell him I wanna suck him in and drown him. He's like drown me? I say not actually drown him lol 🤦🏼‍♀️. He says I know that but what do you mean. I just say it's hard to explain. He says he gets it and you can tell me in time.

    We get in this heated mental chess match ...going back n forth. I tell him...you do shit on purpose and then you wonder why I act the way I do 😑. He's say 😁😁 maybe and you love every damn second of it. Grrrrrr he's right tho 🥴. I'm like you mental torture me and you think I don't know what you're doing. He's like is it torture of psychological foreplay. This mfer 😑😑 lol. Then he proceeded to tell me how even tho I'm submissive, I still need a certain level of control and it bugs the hell out of you that you don't get your way with me. Again...THIS MFER 😑 lol. Seriously I've never been read this so hardcore before and I absolutely hate it. Especially because I can read him but not in the way I want. He keeps everything contained and controlled...where for me, my intensity and passion can only be contained for so long especially when I want someone. I have this primal urge to rip him to shreds and bury myself deep inside him and drown him and flip his whole world upside down...this comes easy for me but I can't do that with him and it's frustrating asf and he absolutely love the fuck out of it.

    Now before someone says that's so fucked up, he's playing with your head, narcissistic behavior, gaslighting and all the other overused labels....he is not doing it to be hurtful in any way...he even stop for a min and asked me if I wanted him to stop and he will. It's all mental stimulation...as he said...it's psychological foreplay which I'm all for cause it's hot asf. It's all consentual.