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    How do I tell a Pisces to stop saying "my bf or my man" to every little comment to things without hurting her feelings. Like hun...we know you have a bf. She legit in a chat thread last night as someone (a Leo) was showing us pics of her new niece that was just born and how happy she is etc etc....Pisces chimes in, no congrats or she cute nothing pertaining to the Convo happening ....just "my man is currently giggling like a little kid watching videos" πŸ˜‘ like tf?! Someone asked her a question re a pop up tent that fits in the back of his truck. She's like my bf just gave me the measurements and I went on Amazon and based it off that. There's was absolutely no reason to mention the bf...like I get she is happy and I'm happy for her but allllll and I mean allllll her comments start with this...she even texts me it. "My man or my bf" just did so n so or said this. Most of it is for show for the Libra and trying to make him jealous...but it's super annoying.