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    So get this shit. Pisces was freaking out last week because Taurus wouldn't answer his phone after he said he was going out with some friends. Things have been on edge with them lately...not surprising. She's been all upset and not eating, sleeping cause she knows something is going on. So...Tues sh tells me that the Taurus confessed last Friday that he went out on a date with a coworker of his. Wtf...they are together, live together and he's already trying to cheat on her. I knew I didn't like this mfer for a reason. What does she plan to do you ask...stay with him and fight for this relationship...are you dumb? Fight for what relationship? Y'all barely know each other, moved in after two months etc etc. He made you look like a fool, he put you in competition with other chicks...mind you he's still talking to this girl he went on a date with and not just work related matters. She peeing on him everywhere and making herself look stupid. I swear to all things...Pisces peeps are delusional asf sometimes.

    Oh and women aren't shady asf...ha, he lied to this chick and other ones about his situation and they still are trying to get with him knowing he has a live in gf...but naw, women aren't shady at all πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.