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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
    Joined dxpnet on January 11, 2011.
    And that's why you'll always here the famous Virgo phrase..."I told you so" 😆

    Thank God it's a retrograde merc except for when it's actually retrograde like right now...then it's mine time to shine 😆. Naw, I keep everything to myself but sometimes you gotta vent and luckily no one else I know in rl is into astrology...hence my vents and rants on here 😆.

    Btw...I was supposed to see the cap on Monday but of course he got held up at work 😆🤦🏼‍♀️...but I told him I got him something cause I'm a Leo Venus and can't keep that shit to myself. I told him it wasn't anything big. He acted shocked...he's like "you got something for me? That's thoughtful". I said again...it's nothing big cause I don't want him to be disappointed it's just a card 😆. He's been in a mood... annoyed and on edge this whole week...so I've been leaving him be for the most part. I did joke with him the other day and I said ok I'll stop now before I start annoying you too...he said I'm not annoying him at all. So no idea when I'll see him next and I'm not asking...if it happens it happens and if not, then it doesn't. 🤷🏼‍♀️