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    So we went to the winery today. Pisces bf calls me last night ...he's like I need to talk to you. Tf...no you really don't. He's like are you drunk...I say no, but I've had some drinks. He says then I'll talk to you tomorrow....umm no, you can't do that...so I can be up all night wondering wtf is going on. So he tells me, he invited a friend...I'm like ok and? He's says it's one of the girls he's talking to. He was asking me to be on my best behavior. Umm excuse me?! He says you can be made at me and hate me...give me dirty looks but please don't do it to her. I'm like we shall see. Turns out it's the chick that knew about the Pisces and was still asking him to go on a cruise with her. Pisces found out and texted her...going back n forth...I told her tell her that he'll go only if me and the Pisces can 😆. Chick wasn't too happy with that.

    Anyway...today the subject of relationships comes up. This chick boldly states that someone should be able to have friends of the opposite sex. While true...that's not what she is trying to be. So another Leo moon chimes in...and was like to an extent. Boundaries, respect of the relationship etc etc...I chime in and agree and then say...let's be honest, women are shady asf. I just don't understand why some women will go after a man that has a gf...like how desperate do you really have to be. Got my little jab in 😆. Dumb ass cunt...like why tf would you wanna come to the winery with a dude and his gf...like tf is wrong with you?! And wtf is wrong with him...for even putting the Pisces in that situation...hell, putting me in that situation. He's lucky I don't cut off his dick...this POS 🤦🏼‍♀️. I just can't.

    It's was such an awkward fucking deal