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    I just mercury retrograded and msged the Sag 🤦🏼‍♀️. I totally forgot about it until just now 🙄. It was a good talk tho..just really catching up. He's doing really well at his job and just in general which makes me happy. It's like no time went by at all...just right into our normal banter. I told him what was going on with me and then he asked what else...like he already knew. So I told him about the Cap...he took it surprisingly well. He said I deserve to find someone and to be happy. Even tho I know it made him feel a certain way...I also reiterated that it changes nothing between us...no matter who comes into each other lives ....it'll always be him. He said it does make him feel a certain way but also he knows that...it hasn't changed in the many lifetimes. I told him I've already tried to sabotage things so who knows. Then he told me if I feel like I'm going to sabotage things to msg him and talk it out with him. I told him some things and he's like I already like him. I'm like how'd I know you would...you'll probably take his side in things too lol. We both laughed...he's like maybe but I also know you so it'll probably be easy. Asshole 😆. God I really do love that man tho...when you know you just know and I've known from the first time I seen his picture and same for him.