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    Ok what's the deal with critical degrees? It was mentioned somewhere and I got to looking into it...and why am I not surprised... apparently 8° is a critical degree for fixed signs...it's a also a Scorpio degree along with 20° ....my moon is at 8° exact. Apparently all the modalities have critical degrees (you may have read about 0 and 29) but if one of your planets falls in the critical degree...it's supposed to give that planet the flair of the sign. So for example...2° is a Taurus degree...if you have a gem moon at this degree...you'll have a Taurus flair to your gem moon. Idk if I'm explaining this correctly but https://www.google.com/amp/s/the-falling-star.tumblr.com/post/670390769508630528/critical-degrees/amp

    Anyway ..me and the Cap are no more so I'm trying to distract myself lol