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Do you think the fact that he died in such eerie circumstances while shooting the movie.. is what made him/the movie iconic?
I think it plays a major part in it, Yes. I love the movie and his character regardless, but due to his unfortunate death while filming, it holds so much of a deeper significance (to me at least). And I have seen some quotes of his related to death.. really makes one think.
please don't beat me but can I have his name to look up his story ... no, I don't live in a box, just off grid mostly lol
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It reminds me of heath ledger and his last completed batman film as the joker... I mean sure it was a good movie..great performance.. But I also think.. his tragic death at such a young age.. played a part too. Then again many actors die and their last movies aren't glorified.
True, Heath was very much like this. And I think both of those movies held greater significance due to their deaths.
wow him and Heath Ledger have similarities....
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wow - how sad for both of them and their families ...
Yes it truly is sad Great men they were.