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    Still don't know how will my own situation play out but I guess I can say that falling for a Cap has been wonderful and turned into an absolute torture....
    I think I'm treetrunked pretty bad. Nothing interests me, all I can think of is the one guy and all sorts of depressing yet hopeful thoughts. I've never been this miserable in my entire life. Because of a guy.
    You read all these empowering stuff about Leos, like that we never let anyone get away with hurting us or that when someone treats us badly that we walk away and never look back..
    Okay, true. But not when we love someone (or is that just me being a complete idiot?).
    I've made an utter fool out of myself. And I still keep going, hoping and blaming myself when I've been disrespected and dismissed more times than I can count..
    Where is that Leo pride now, ya tell me?!