34 years old male from Bakersfield, California
A walking paradoxical entity.
bukowski is right
this is good....everyone talking about me...and none of its true...

I'm always like kayyyyy

see ya
Exactly! You should totally stick around though. It's amazing all the cool things you find out you can apparently do, the adventures you discover you've gone on, and the amazing people never actually met along the way! Sometimes I'm a bit jealous of that other me, as he's going to have much better stories to tell when he's older.
The other me apparently has an amazing sex life...here i am watching the golden girls and drinking tea... truth is i morph in and out with the other me.... im unpredicatble... tonight i might be drinking whiskey and dancing with 25 yr olds... yes thats happening
"Masked, I advance."
translation: "I'm so rich I don't give a fuq about these plebs."