24 years old male from The Void, Damned To, Hell
Shwiggity shwag what's in da quantum electrodynamic bag?
All dis drama over a tagging. Note to self: Never pay anyone a compliment ever again lol
Live with me if you want to cum.
Emhendo is hawt and is from Souffside, probably bunks with Frank Gallagher every other night. Compliment HER..........if you got the bawlz. She has a gun too, she'll use that extended mag to violate your lily white tight sphincter just how you like it

I find that unlikely considering how bitter she always is. And dumb.
female from USA
Yo, add me on twitter if ya wanna chit chat off-DXP, @ is CuddleBug1288
Idk what drama you talkin about - don't do the drama shiz, I run from that ish and I haven't been on since earlier but don't go not giving compliments to people you want to. That's letting other ppl run you off the road. Give sincere and genuine compliments when u want to and if they don't have anything nice to say about it then woopty-doo, shake it off man. Cheers, i'm having some beers tonight so F it. I'm gonna say what I want to say lol.
Eh. I mostly just do it so I feel more confident because I say what I feel bluntly. It's healthier than representing it. But other people got issues and take everything personally and it just makes it not worth my time. Might as well just keep my head down and go do something else I enjoy.
Lame excuse. Just because a few people don't have the anticipated reaction to something u complimented them on doesn't mean you shouldn't say it. One word can change someone's day dude
Yep, he should totally go around and tell women he wants to bang them.
Eh I have enough of my own emotional baggage to have someone ragging on me for doing something nice.
30 years old female

Terra got all the DXP bishes fighting over him
It's SOOO tempting to think that way to be frankly honest. But if I say that, I'm sure I'm gonna get railed for "harassment".
30 years old female
Omg I have the perfect name for your new harem ...

Terra Squad !
So bad it’s good
Question is Is his dick Big Pun or Fat Joe?
I’ll be here all night
At this point, I'm completely convinced a harem would be too much trouble. All dat jealousy.
The charming gif king 😛
OCJack reminds me of myself almost 4 years ago when all the Aries women used to attack me.

I gotta give props to him for a job well done on keeping me entertained today. Who needs tv when you can watch the dramas unfold right here.