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  • Lol. @RemixGeneralFishy. I just had a moment of clarity. As a traditional Scorpio girl, im more offended that he stood me up/ghosted on me. Which clearly shows the level of importance i had his life ... Maybe he'll come back, maybe he wont. But im a little too cute to be waiting Winking
  • Thank you guys
  • I met this virgo man at a bar one night while i was with my coworker ( they used to work together). A rowdy group of people came in which took my coworkers attention from me, which left me and virgo alone to talk. We hit it off, but hes so handsome and i was extremely plain looking that night i didnt think anything of it.... However the next couple of days i was thinking of him bc of the lovely conversation we had. I brushed it off bc i never thought i would see him again... Surprisngly my coworker(s) and i were at the same bar the day before Christmas eve and he walked in!! That night he got my number and he called me same night, we even talked for 2 hours. He asked to see me again and we talked every day. Some really magical vibes were going on, I even heard him Almost say he loved me. So now its the day of our first date and he completely dissappears. No texts or calls for 2 weeks... Should i keep hoping hell get back to me or just get over it????