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  • Posted by Gemitati
    You don’t want to wait forever? How long had it been since you communicating again?
    And if you screwed up - you’ll have to wait!
    If you don’t want to wait - just end it.
    No one can speed up the process for you.
    It would be too easy to say wait for 23 days and let go. It doesn’t work like that.

    Its been something over a month. I've kinda lost hope only because I thought the Taurus were hot, so the ice I'm equating with disinterest now
  • Posted by AgentP911
    See previous post and also this one in addition now you’ve revealed the post again.

    I think he saw a side to you that made him step back and re-evaluate things. Taurus are generally not stupid people and neither do they take things lightly. It’s a fixed sign after all.

    You were dating for four months and saw each other almost everyday. This is a HUGE chunk of time and energy to have spent with someone who you do not consider a boyfriend and who you don’t want to have a relationship with. He may feel you did not value this or him and that you are too volatile or insecure for him - hence the backing off situation. You didn’t seem to care about him when you were having your week long paddy and if this is how you deal with things then he might be giving himself some thinking time. Plus if you both have things going on it doesn’t make for good timing to be involved with each other. He clearly still has an interest in his ex partner otherwise he wouldn’t have ‘grazed’ on her.

    What changes have you made in your life to be a more stable, secure person who is now emotionally available for a relationship?

    There were housing and familial health concerns but all except the latter has changed, obviously- but this is something I've come to the conclusion it causes no harm to offer supper and be supported. The former made it hard in general for obvious reasons. Otherwise, I get you, but the hesitation for a title just came from hesitation of past experiences. Wanted to not rush and I thought being clear would make everyone feel better not second guess their worth but we all learn some how I suppose
  • How do the signs game?

    I've broken countless disks back in the day, controllers went flying- and god forbid there wasn't a safety on the windows after a failed boss level...

    Trying times indeed
  • Posted by HankJWimbleton
    "The user who posted this message has hidden it."

    There's your problem.

    That was poetic- but halp meee, it's visible now haha
  • dont come for coneheads lol
  • damn its quiet over here too, qq
  • My Birthday! ^_^

    You will not know until you do your natal chart, as it is the first day of the scorpion and the last of libra.

    The degree of the sun at the time of your birth on this day will determine it all!

    I am first decan Scorp :p
  • Wow, that definitely was not short, haha!