moon-ruled double pisces
i have all elements and modalities in me so i am slightly sorry for any personality inconsistencies

I have aqua-leo and cancer-cap axial activity as well as sag-pisces-virgo action

ummm no lol
im saying many americans girls like to be thicc. the black ones. but you think only white girls are americans
1. don't touch me
2. i ignore or reject attempts at direct flirtation in an obvious blunt manner
3. very difficult to catch eye contact with me. i stare in the distance

pisces girl
the word thicc is from americans.. just the black ones. did u forget about them when u said american girls
I always end up with guys who like crystals and meditation. apparently these pretty rocks and need for internal peace are inescapable
i thought i had become a more angry person but a better way to see it is that i don't hold back my anger lest i offend others anymore. it's actually a good thing because I'm less anxious and self-conscious now. i just need a better   Read more
hot asian gurls in yr area!
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Oh god another Virgo mooner Fish.

Venus Aqua and a Leo Mars.........

Stick with a Fire Venus

this. u NEED fire venus try aries
i have aqua mercury i love to make fun of ppl. but u need to do it back not take it seriously. if u want pisces to stop just get all butthurt like ur doing and they'll pick up on that n stop... but will not joke with u again. idk me as pisces i hate being on eggshells around ppl... usually cancers
aries man kissed n hugged me when he said hello. first time. i was so shocked i froze n gave the coldest hug back :c
leo sun scorpio moon lol. deleted me from fb
i feel like everyone who isn't pisces can do this spiritual thing better than me
i felt amazing. really happy, physically active. it's gone today. lazy sick butter again
also does a progressed chart constantly change? how does this compare to transits
does this make a person unusually angry very easily

yeah it's about me

also progressed aries sun. is this why i keep attracting aries placements

call an aries man a kitty and watch him prove you wrong
u always moan about this generation just go make a time machine