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What if it is conjunct a planet like Venus and you can't tell them apart.
More Camila Cabello
What do you think life is like for those born with their Moon in the opposite sign of yours.

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I don’t think I have ever met a Scorpio man. If I did I had no idea. I’ve always been curious tho lol

aren't there any in this forum?

Im sure there are but I meant face to face. I know they are said to have “a presence” about them LOL

Yea it's uncomfortable Energy for me. They will read you deep and call out your weaknessss in a group setting
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Anyone who does this is a socially inept moron.
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Told him I had googled definition of tomorrow and it's one day after today...
We laughed. And talked. And now I know - I don't give a damn! Tomorrow can be whenever he said it's tomorrow!


Ok. I just have to write it down.
I am actually hysterical almost LMAO.
Yesterday we've met to discuss whatever is going on in person.
It was a great time. Talking how much we can't wait to mess to clear up and us being together...
I am bringing up the subject of 'calling tomorrow' and saying for all I remember you had never called tomorrow IF you said 'I'll call you tomorrow'...he looked at me like really? I said yes really.
We laughed and talk more and held each other and at the end he dropped me off at the place I wanted to be and said in a firm voice 'I WILL CALL YOU TIMORROW'...

I laughed and said my tomorrow or your tomorrow. He repeated 'I will call you tomorrow'...

Guess what? LMAO!
He didn't. And I don't care in terms of 'tomorrow' but what is wrong with this frikking 'promise'?
Darn I love this idiot!!!
Just saying...❤️

This sounds painful not cute or funny but painful

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Painfully humiliating.
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She is not yet ready or she is not interested in you. But I suggest if you really like her, message her again about your true intention and make things clear for her or at least you've got the ball to let her see and feel how you really care, if she ignores it again, move-on!
i'll take the she is not interested,if i do that woudnt i just annoy her as being seen zoned means no?and i dont like her to think that im chasing her because im not,i want her to be my friend but i guess she doesnt want too.one thing would be she might be scared coz i can see my effect on her when i see her she coudnt keep her cool with me,she has been doing this for a long time going hot and cold with me
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It's you who should be running for the hills.
Hmm, what does it look like? I think it's a bird.
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@dastardly what do you think about her rack? i can't decide if it's too small or just right.

i guess i'm just used to huge jugs now with the last few women i've dated. *shrug*

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She doesn't have the body she had at the height of her popularity, but based on normal standards the body she has now is nothing to complain about it. She looks amazing after everything she has been through.

Her body was Perfection. No other cookiemonster in the business could compare except J.Lo, Beyonce and Shakira.

Camila Cabello
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Here's some ass. Sagittarius woman. Certified Fitness instructor in LA.

I'm an ass man myself but I think its getting out of hand. This chick...I've seen her workouts; they are impressive and I think her ass is real. If she gets a boob job, which she almost needs to balance this out, she'll basically be Amy Anderssen. And while that is def. nice to look at, Jessica Rabbit proportions on a real human are just a bit over the top. Can you imagine walking into a room with this girl in a tight dress like that? I honestly think I'd be a little embarrassed of it. She's banking off of working her ass out all day every day though, so no shame in that...I think...
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Asses like J.Lo's are sufficient LOL.