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Scorpio sun
Aries moon
Gem rising

Pisces woman that I am not very close with with brags incessantly about her wonderful her husband is and how perfect their love is.
They've been married 6 months.
I saw her for a couple hours last week and she spent the entire time talking about how horrible her marriage is and how they won't make it a year. (We barely know each other so I was surprised and how she opened up)

Things on social media aren't always what they seem.
I occasional go without a bra but it's uncomfortable and distracting. I'm not huge but I'm a large C/small D and I'm always running or bouncing around. I have that jumpy Gem rising energy and it's not conducive for going bra less.

As long as the girls aren't hitting your knees, there is nothing wrong with no bra.
I would say an air moon or maybe even fire.
I love cancer and Pisces moon's but think I would drowned with that much water.
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I just do some black eyeliner and mascara, that's it. That is actually all the make up I wear. On the weekends it's generally nothing

That's me too except I wear brown mascara and lip gloss only. I don't even know how to start.

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It's very difficult to post it here. You need to mess around your eyes are not like anyone's. Watch some youtube vidoes buy some products. And then just mess around in front of a mirror.

What colors do you recommend? Black seems too harsh for me.

I'm almost equal water and fire with water having a slight edge. I have some air but zero earth.

I think I feel the fire the most but show more air. My outward personality is very chatty and bubbly. Although I'm watery, I can be very cold, even if I have feelings on the inside, im not good at showing genuine emotion, especially in public. I can laugh and smile but hurt, anger, sadness and jealousy are kept to myself.
The lack of earth is very evident. I've been called a lot of things, but grounded, practical or boring have never been one of them.
Yes! Libra Venus and I love Libra men.

But my love is has Libra Sun and Mars so it may be a Venus/Mars thing.
I'm a Scorpio sun Aries moon and I usually have blind faith (not always a good thing) in the person I love. BUT
My brother in law's ex girlfriend is a Scorpio and was distrusting. She used to park outside whatever house or bar he was at and watch through the windows. She was a manager of a cell phone company and would look at his phone records and ask me about any female names she found. She made a Facebook page for him and would freak out about any friend requests received from females. Needless to say, the relationship didn't last. It's a shame because they were a good match but her insecurities destroyed everything.

*Did I just right a book in response to a 4 year old thread? Oh for crying out loud! Stop resurrecting these old posts!
I need some tips. I usually just stick to mascara because I'm terrible at it.
Last week there was a post your eyes thread and everyone looked so glamorous with their perfectly lined eyes and brows. My pic was no makeup and just waking up. It was kind of pathetic. I'm looking for eye makeup that's easy and doesn't look too made up. No feathered or permanent surprised eyebrows.
My eyes are blue and hair is dark blonde/light gold brown. Skin is fair with cool tones but I have a little bit of tan because it was sunny this week. My brows are light brown like my hair.
Nobody acknowledges it anyways
Too goofy

Your hair is fine how it is.
I learned that no matter how hopeless it seems, they always come back.
Can you imagine giving birth to a 120lb baby? Someone give that poor giraffe pain meds.
I was one of the handful of rock chicks at an inner city high school. Six k-8th grade schools fed into one high school. My school was from the second to worst neighborhood of the bunch so even though I wasn't into the same style and music, I still had friends because we grew up together. It was our group against the rich kids. Rich to us was a single family house and both parents living in it.
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The only weird thing I can't get is how one can get her ass entered while sleeping?
THAT is a really deep sleeper!
You touch me - I am up!
Waking up because someone up your ass - for to be stoned or hammered! Not even that!!! Idk...

My thoughts exactly.

It's whether smallest penus out there or biggest hole...

I wish she had explained.
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Things don't just smoothly and nonchalantly slide into the butt.
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The only weird thing I can't get is how one can get her ass entered while sleeping?
THAT is a really deep sleeper!
You touch me - I am up!
Waking up because someone up your ass - for to be stoned or hammered! Not even that!!! Idk...

My thoughts exactly.

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thanks for the comments. I was thinking maybe something was wrong with me being weird out. Some like it and some don't. I am in the category with some don't. I told him that's something that I am not into, and he has disappeared back into his shell. I guess I will hear from him in a few days. If not, then damn it that's bad because I really enjoyed my museum buddy but I can't compromise on that.

Nothing is wrong with you. It was all fun and games until poop enters the picture. 💩 is a deal breaker.

I was just about to give elaborate advice and then I noticed it is an 8 year old thread.

I'm dying though. How do you wake up to a dick in your ass? I'm going to assume that it took some maneuvering to get in there unless:
(a)he has a very small penis
(B) you have a very loose butthole

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Aha! I take Methyl B Complex for a MTHFR mutation (the most common cause of Pernicious Anemia; B12 deficiency). I'm not deficient it but my brother is and it causes a lot of health problems.

Glad to know they found it. Did you get Vit D checked? How were your levels? Did the doc say anything about the positive ANA?

She said some people have positive ANA with no autoimmune disorder. I tested negative for everything. Her only concerns were b12 (causes low WBC) and the ratio of neutrophils to lymphocytes. I have another blood draw and follow up in July.

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So I had my follow up today and it seems that I have a b12 deficiency. That is probably the best case scenario. I have prescription vitamins and will get retested in 3 months. If it's still low we will try injections.

Should've gone to the methyl B12 injections right away IMO.
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One of my friends said the same thing. Do I need a script or can I just walk in a Walgreens mobile clinic and get one?