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  • Ok thats pretty close to me...i am a sag woman too and i am 20.
    There may be many reasons for this.
    Some sag girls value the connection before sex so that may be the case.
    She may tests the waters and tries to she if you like her enough to wait or ask her for a relationship first
    Or she is in her first steps in her sexuality and lets you do her foreplay for example to see how it feels but is not ready for sex yet.
    I dont see a reason why she only sees you as a friend and let you do all that.

    Maybe she is of the sags that is a bit into philosophy.You know us sags usually we read something new and interesting and go all the way with it.She may got impressed by some new belief about sexuality.

    You know weird sag stuff , better ask her openly thats the best way to get your answer.
  • You probably already know which one you prefer...let your intuition choose
  • Heree 🙌
  • I wish i was more the shining confident center of attention like a Leo
    And a bit more straightforward like an aries
    Also some practical skills, persistance, patience as a taurus

    More outgoing ,social, flirtatious like a libra
    And more i dont give a treetr*nk like an aqua

    Still happy with my sag/cap self though haha cause they both work together to achieve every potential goal
  • I am very happy that all you comment in this topic and that there are actually some of us. Big Grin
    Everything you mention happens to me.
    I read in your posts about being introverts, about need some solitude, not too much for me i add.
    About express yourself through writing.
    About be highly sensitive and empaths and cry easily.
    About hide your emotions of others, feeling you dont belong anywhere.

    My experience with 12 is pretty weird.
    At first i want to say that i have never read natal astrology from a book.Its all from internet.
    Also my experience is more from videos and articles and forum and less from real life interactions with others, although i analyze my friends natal charts.

    I have analyze my chart a lot.Still could learn more things.
    So i was in a chart in that show your planets coloured in a diagram and each one be in a diffrent percentage.
    So i thought the planets that have more influence on me are Saturn (my chart ruler and a cap stellium) ,Mars ,Uranus,Neptune ,Jupiter

    And like moon and sun being very low in influence which pissed me off.

    My experience with 12th now.

    I have my moon in cap there.I read moon in the 12th indicates a mother who is emotionally unavailable and also cap ( well cap happens to be her sun sign too).

    Then with mercury in your 12th house you are probably introvert, keep your thoughts and emotions ( moon) to yourself.Dont speak when you want to.Have a vivid imagination.Can express better through writing or art.

    And about Mars in 12th.
    Mars is a dynamic planet and a warrior and does not feel really well inside of 12 house.
    You may feel like caged.
    You cant express your anger and thing anger is an inappropriate and unacceptable emotion , which belief was most possibly transferred to you by your parents.
    You may keep adding anger till one day you blow up.Anger has to be expressed in an unharmful way and NOT respressed.
    My mars is cap 17 and my Asc is cap 19 so it really between the two houses laying in 12th.That means that i probably express my cap mars and dont actually realise it that much.

    To finish this post i have Neptune in Capricorn in my 1st house in conjuction with Venus.
    Neptune in 1st obfuscates your vision and most importantly the image you have for yourself (Ascendant).Makes you highly sensitive to other people , their action and energy and highly tuned to sense and intake their energies.You can be quite artistic and see the world in a bit of illiusionary way.

    Thats all my 12th and pisces placements pretty much.
    And i search a lot about it cause my cap is you know practical and grounded and then this 12 messes it up and cause me distress.

    Ι wait for more of your thoughts on this Winking

  • Heyyy to all of you 12th housers out there!!
    I open this topic so that we can connect and share our experiences of 12th house placements.
    I have my moon , mercury and mars in my 12th house all in capricorn.

    I have to admit i dropped off astrology in general after 3 years of being really interested and passionate about it and study every day cause i felt it was messing with my life quite a lot.

    So i am around 5 months out of it and as i do others things , it pops in my head that my 12th placements must have a big impact on me.
    So i search a bit and find this video.

    And i am in shock of how accurate it is.
    Everything said in this video for delaying emotional reaction , to avoidance, to use HYPERSENSITIVITY as an excuse which leads to lack of experience and emotional immaturity and being very much about the other realm is all things i do.

    Tell me about you! Do you do that stuff?
  • Yes!
    What you describe happens to me.
    Everytime i think i like smn i start thinking "no i dont like him, he might not be good for me, if he doesnt feel the same way i will get hurt , its so difficult to show him i am interested" and all that stuff
    And i back off imediately....its sad....
  • Its so sad.....😯
    We broke up a year ago and he is still my one and only short term boyfriend!!!!!!!!!
    What the heck should i do to get a treetrunking boyfriend ?????? 😱
    I am 20

    More reasons about why i think i dont have a boyfriend:
    I am shy and introverted......thats all
    And tired of trying to change that
  • Libra
  • I enjoy it if he is the kind of jealous that shows he wants me and only me.
    I do not enjoy if he starts to want to control me and my behavior and my everyday life so that he doesnt feel jealous.And thats a dealbreaker.
  • I am sag sun , cap moon
    Plus i have a cap stellium

    The capricorn moon makes sag more serious and reserved and self consious.Also more responsible and mature than the typical sag.I had read once for this combo ,that it gives a funnyman ,like a person who hides his sadness behind a smile and for me at least its true.
    Also your wants (sun) and needs (moon) are pretty opposite and contradict its other while at the same time they comply one another too.
    I consider it a tricky combo ☺
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    No i think pisces moon is more expressive with their feelings than moon in the 12th (mine)

    Wrong thread bruh, but since you have moon in 12th, getting lost is forgiven Big Grin

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    Hahah i was pretty sure it was on the right thread
  • No i think pisces moon is more expressive with their feelings than moon in the 12th (mine)
  • Dear diary
    Tomorrow i have my first exam of the year
    I tried meditate for 10' to calm down and breathe
    I didnt leave the home today and i studied only a bit as i expected haha
    Waiting for tomorrow after the exam ?
    Silly student life hahaha
  • Despacito
    And livin la vida loca -Ricky Martin
  • Sounds good but i would probably send him to shower first hahaha
    Sag sun , Cap mars
  • Sun, Moon or Mars in Scorpio or Capricorn
  • Posted by Astrology101
    1. Gullible: 3
    2. Sexyness: 5
    3. Popularity: 4
    4. Conversation skills: 5
    5. Knowledge: 6
    6. Facial features: 6

    State your astrological sign.

    Sagittarius sun
  • I am pretty sure i prefer an independent one....sag sun
  • Brad pitt we both have sag suns, cap moon ,mercury, venus ,mars but i have a cap rising too he has a sag rising though

    Taylor Swift and me both have sag sun , cap rising ?