scorpio sun • pisces moon • gemini ascending

Posted by RemixGeneralFishy
The man I'm madly in love with is a Leo/Virgo cusp (Aug.23rd). He has traits of both Leo and Virgo. He's got a great vibe all around. He's easy to amuse and he's a physical show-off - likes to show off his athleticism, but at the same time he's also shy when approached by the opposite sex and does NOT like to be the center of attention (very unlike Leo). He's much more comfortable in the background.

His fiery Leo side is mellowed out by his Virgo half lol. He's more Virgo than Leo. Very into fitness and healthy living and a very kind young man. Just glows with goodness and doesn't have a mean bone in his spectacularly formed body He's also Leo rising and he's still more Virgo than Leo.

this sounds quite a lot like the guy i am seeing so far. being around him is so warm and charming and light. and he's super into fitness like me which is a huge plus. he's not as overtly sexual or flirtatious as i've known leo's to be but i feel like i could bring that out of him a little. i think there is more virgo in him so far, which i suppose is what i'm hoping for. i'm worried we will clash easily if his leo side comes out to play more. i can sense there might be a bit of a power struggle but, with that said, i don't usually like to be in control of a relationship anyway.
i am a very true-to-scorpio woman, although perhaps a little more on the generally submissive side, born november 5th '92 and i have recently started dating a leo/virgo cusp guy, born august 20th '89. so far things are going well, but as always i have done my researching and seen that scorpio/leo can be a terrible match, while scorpio/virgo can be great. i wondered if there are any leo/virgo cusps out there, men in particular, who can give me some insight into what i might expect from my new love interest? do you have any experience with scorpio women? i would like to see where this goes regardless of what our signs dictate, but it'd be nice to read other thoughts.