"Leo Sun. Taur Asc. Cancer Moon

Inte många svensktalande här, var i Sverige bor du? Själv finns jag i Skåne
Be a total Cancer moon bish and PMS all over his parade
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User most likely to fly to you after aggressively pm'ing you for three months.


Didn't this actually happen once? Who was it?
Plants are living things too ya know. Think of the suffering of plants !!!
So y'all made peace with eachother?
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Talk me out of it.


Name one unselfish reason to have a baby?

To give birth to you.

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You're not doing it for me, I don't even exist.
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Talk me out of it.


Name one unselfish reason to have a baby?
Jfc you Americans can't even get together for 1 day without treetrunking butter up, lol.
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How many females/and men I guess. Can orgasm and it not be the end of the night for the other party(parties in some cases hehehe)

I've had plenty that have told me I'm the first to make them internally orgasm without external stimulation and I give em a good ole fashion high five.

I love the multi orgasm women because quite frankly I enjoy putting women to sleep.... but I do find myself more tired than the ones I need to give 5 - 10 minutes before they can get back into it.

Plus I still just need a good 5 - 10 minutes between sessions personally.... I'm not as young as I used to be....and I'm good for 3 sessions, but I'm cool after 1, and satisfied after 2.... a third is icing...and will keep me tame for a day or two lol

Cool story,brah.

No luck on Craigslist though?

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sautéed bacon with oceanspray cranberries, tossed with halved Brussels sprouts and butter. Put into a roasting dish and season. Set at 250F. Let cook for an hour.

Get in here, missy!


(Though bacon anything but cremated, tends to get rather chewie)
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Is it possible for non-vegans to discuss this topic normally, without either joking about it or becoming immediately aggressive?


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Lord...he’s beautiful ❤️😍

Horrible. Christ those dead zombie eyes with zero depth/ intelligence.
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Stepford Hubby
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Ok good than I can go on my attack

please don't...read my response to your comment. I don't want to share any more of her personal info but she is going through a very rough having had severe depression for a year or so. I should've taken that into account before I lashed out w/my ridiculous temper...

I don't give a treetruk what she's going through

She's cheating on her crab husband

We deserve better than having losers in our lives

cancers are notorious cheaters.

her husband already probably cheated on her before she cheated on him
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Who said she cheated on her husband? And wasn't this dude in a relationship/married aswell while they had their "emotional" thing? If so, why is he now whining about feeling 'highly offended and betrayed'?


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Make a mess and it will ultimately tanish your reputation here.

In case you were contemplating a future in politics