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Honestly a Leo who is private will simply like the fact that someone thought about him/her. Private Leos still like attention. In fact a private Leo is probably going to be closest to those who recognize how private he/she is. It's really easy to ignore or completely overlook a Leo who isn't demanding attention.

I have to say I agree. He seemed so shocked that I contacted him. He was happy. I honestly believe it did mean a lot to him just to know that I cared.
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What about the girls? Even though it's hurting me I want this Leo girl to leave me alone. I don't wanna play no games. I ignored her and when I think its done she msgs me or talks to me. All I think about is her and this is a crucial time in life and I need get her out my mind but she keeps reminding me she's there.

Honestly you have to block all avenues of communication with her. They don't stop once they start to fixate on someone.
To me someone ignoring you is worse than death. It is time for you to put her in the back of your mind and start dating others. She is not the first or last woman you will ever love. You have to do what is best for you because obviously she is doing what is best for her. If at any time your mind drifts back to the memory of her ask yourself this question. "Is she missing any sleep over me?" The truth is no she is not. Now don't miss any over her.
Thanks guys. Those are some good ideas. He is into college football. I wish I knew more but he is not a man of many words. Other than that I know he loves food but doesn't care for chocolate.
So my boss is a 35 year old single man with no kids. He works really hard and goes above and beyond for everybody and often forgets himself in the process. The other day I found out he had a tumor removed from his head. He is a very private person and felt he didn't tell anyone because he didn't think anyone would care because he doesn't have anyone in his life. He was so shocked and taken back at my sending him well wishes. I want to get him a gift but I am not sure of what to give him. I want to leave it in his office to surprise him when he returns to work on Monday. What are some great gift ideas for a lion?
I will tell you something two of my male Leo friends both said in the past. I love the cat and mouse game especially when the woman plays for a long time. Once I get the prize I find someone else to chase.
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You should just do whatever you feel, if he gives you the butters you will naturally dispel him from your life, if he values your friendship then he will adjust his attitude.
I think it's always good to keep these kind of friends at a distance on superficial level, you don't need to be emotionally invested in depressed people do you?

I swear I have the exact same friend as you, Leo and depressed is the worst combination, my friend was so emotional I couldn't pull him up on his butterty behaviour without him breaking down so I just whittled him out of my life, now I only meet up with him once a month and let me tell you he is such a nicer person to me now!

I agree it is the worst situation. I sent his call straight to voicemail. He ended up apologizing saying he is sorry and that his girlfriend/ex girlfriend (depending on the day of the week) was standing infront of him so he didn't know how to react. Um....why? I am not your girl or your side chick...I am strictly your friend so why would you need to be an ass to me for no reason? I decided not to respond. I am over the bs. To be honest I am sick of his whining and hearing about his push and pull relationship with her that sends him back and fourth to a therapist.

They're both crazy...she can never make up her mind with him. He loves those crazy dramatic relationships where he is treated like crap. I think he likes being a victim.
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Don't laugh I'm pmsing and not sure if I am being rational right now.
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So when they get married they can cook for their husband and their potential family or whatever?

Do women ever worry that men won't want to marry them if they can't cook or do "housewives" type of butter?

Always was curious about this.

I cook because I love it. It is therapeutic. I can sit and watch the Food Network all day and I love to cook meals and invite people over because I love feeding people. I think my Taurus rising has something to do with that. I have a food addiction.

Also Taurus rising. Nom nom nom
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Aww yes...someone else who understands the struggle.

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So when they get married they can cook for their husband and their potential family or whatever?

Do women ever worry that men won't want to marry them if they can't cook or do "housewives" type of butter?

Always was curious about this.

I cook because I love it. It is therapeutic. I can sit and watch the Food Network all day and I love to cook meals and invite people over because I love feeding people. I think my Taurus rising has something to do with that. I have a food addiction.
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I have two Leo males that have been pursuing me for just about a year. I am not interested in the least in either. They text, leave notes on my car, send FB messages, Snaps... It doesnt matter how much rejection.... They just keep it coming!!!! It did slow down when I was dating my Cancer, but since Venus Retrograde, they've been back at it. These folks are fearless.

Don't give in...most just like the chase and once they get the prize they chase the next chick.
I am currently debating if I should permanently end a friendship with a selfish Leo friend of mine. When he is depressed (something he suffers with) I am always there willing to lend a hand, a shoulder, inviting him over sometimes to vent. At times we go out and I suggest things to get the worries off of his mind. But he has some ways about him that piss me off. Over the weekend I was pmsing (sorry I know tmi) but I was in a lot of pain and I forgot to purchase some pain meds before it started so I spent most of my weekend in bed praying for relief. Keep in mind he has already known this. The next day I receive a phone call from him but I was in too much pain to speak to anyone. If they called I sent a message saying, "Will call when feeling better." Normally he responds with an okay or something but not this time. After finally gathering the strength to run to the store by the next morning my mood picked up.

I called him up and he answers with the driest voice ever as if I was annoying him. I joked with him like we always do and said, "Next time I call have a little pep in your voice." And he responded with the same attitude. I ignored it told him I am feeling a lot better now that I have my meds and interrupted with that voice again and said, "Let me call you back." I am so sick of his one sided attitude. God forbid something in my life trumps his and this happens. I wont lie I was upset so I sent him a message and said, "The next time you need to vent I will make sure I act like an ass just like you." Should I have just let things go? Am I being a drama queen?"
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I keep reading all these comments, typically younger women than me, but they will be "Oh I am engaged, and this weekend we will be celebrating 3-6 month anniversary!"

I cannot understand this, and it doesn't even have to be marriage. I have a friend that just moved in with his gf, and they have been together for 3 months. Why are so many people not thinking about it more, before making these huge decisions?

I feel like people rushing these types of relationships, are bound to be chaos. I am not saying all, but a good majority don't end well.

What is everyone's take on doing this in a relationship? Would you jump in and live with someone fast, or marry them fast? Am I weird to think that people should just slow down and get to know someone truly before making these decisions?

I witnessed this first hand with a friend of mine. I honestly don't think he knows why he jumped the gun so fast.
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My friend, Sag from 25/11 with Virgo moon and Sag rising, shared a video of an anti-rape underwear for women. I commented: "well, your face is enough of an anti-rape lol"

Yes, she's ugly but she has other qualities... And I was joking!

She hasn't responded. What should I expect as a reaction?

I am a very blunt person but also sarcastic (sag moon) so I see humor in almost anything and let a lot of stuff roll off my back so I understand the foot in the mouth syndrome.

However, if you made a joke about a female being ugly as a man and knowing she is not the most attractive person in your eyes is a blow to the ego so I would distance myself as well depended upon how long I have known you.

I have a lot of cancer friends, family and a boss who is heartless. Cancers can say some of the most insensitive, hurtful things and literally are surprised when someone calls you out while being the least bit remorseful. My daughter and my brother are the worst of the bunch both have said things that landed them in hot water because they don't think before they speak.

If you are sorry..genuinely sorry apologize if not go your separate ways because the last thing I would want is a friend who takes pleasure in making me the butt of their jokes.
Wow...that is crazy you experienced almost the same thing as I did. You would think a grown 42 year old man would handle a situation much different than this but age is just a number. I still think he wanted to leave me before I left him so he could feel justified about his insecurities. This will go down as one of my most weirdest dating experiences.
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I'm seeing...well was seeing this gemini man and one night we decided it was time to take it to the next level. He couldn't get it up and to me it was no big deal I was glad it didnt happen yet because maybe it just wasnt the right time yet.

Unfortunately after that he became sort of distant not contacting me as much as he use to then later stated he wanted me to contact him more that he wants to feel like he is my man. He later admitted he was disappointed that it didnt happen and that he was kind of embarrassed. Fast forward to now he seems a bit chickeny and arrogant. This is not something I am attracted to. We meet up at a resturant and he did something that pissed me off. He made a comment in my face about the waitress ass. At first I thought clearly he didnt say what I think he just said to me but he tried to brush it off but by that time I lost my appetite and told him how disrespectful that was.

Then he tried to brush it off as me being too sensitive and tried to get me to let it go. I politely got up and left out the resturant went home. I was hurt no guy has ever been that bold before. I get it if a man looks or comments something to his friends but to the woman he wants to be with? Did I over react?

I'm very curious about the first paragraph... When men can't have an erection for a long time while making out... And they pretend like nothing happened Both my exes tried to hide it. With my first bf, I didn't find out. With my Taurus ex, I knew but I pretended like I didn't notice... My question is what should the gal do if it were a One Night Stand?
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When it happened to him I told him that there is no rush and we can do this another time because I enjoy his company. If he was a one night stand I would have told him I need to get up early and send him on his way.
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When he circles back around to you in a few months DON'T RESPOND. Don't give him the time of day. It's obvious he doesn't respect or value you, don't become a backup option for him.

I will never call him again. I have been going through a lot having to find a new place etc and all I wanted at the end of the day was to see him. He ruined it.
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What did he say though?

I can't remember the exact words but something like, "That woman ass mmm..
mmm...mmm..." It just seemed so out of left field for him. He seemed genuinely happy to see me before this but just chickeny. I can read people well and it felt as if he was trying to push me away before I left him.

After the night he wasnt able to perform he said I probably called some other guy up. I am not sleezy and so hung up on sex that I would need to do anything like that. Prior to everything he was so attentive, never missed an opportunity to text or call. As soon as the intimacy didnt happen boom...he was a different man.
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That's just plain disrespectful to you. I don't think you over reacted at all. Did he even apologize afterwards?

The only thing he did was try to grab my arm and get me to stay at the restaurant. He has not called nor text me to apologize. I'm gutted right now.