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  • Loving someone that does not love me back.
  • I am an Aquarius with a Sag moon, I don't hold grudges. Most of the time I forget what we fell out about and either laugh ot off later or forget you exist if we haven't talked in awhile.

    My Sag sun, Cancer moon friend on the other hand still have grudges with people from grade school. I don't understand harbouring that much anger and resentment. It's not healthy. Plus it ages you.
  • "We’re pretty much dating without the commitment."

    No you're not. You're his woman when he is away from his main chick.
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    bootycall or not... i was jus going with it.... i heard from him 12ish that night with sorry texts and phone calls so i don't think he had someone else over. I didn't answer till later the next day. its just confusing

    He had someone else whom he was more interested in sleeping with hit him up so he did not call you until he realized the other chick stood him up.
  • Why did you tell him you have not had sex in 6 months? That is none of his business.
  • They go after the vulnerable and least protected. No one bats an eye when the abused are minorities in most cases.
  • Correction: "Could not dream of NOT seeing my kids..."
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    You're the girl with the kid right? I saw your other thread, well it's opening page at least

    I have one question, what did you do for him to start behaving like that?

    Honestly? nothing. We've broken up since Feb and from there i stopped contacting him ever.
    Its not that im doing it to take revenge. But to move on as well. Yet, i feel like he is not done torturing me ans such.. he says he loves our kid yet he doesnt see him or pay out support. He always makes it seem about me and him only and the kid is invinsible.

    Being with him for 6 yrs. we would break up as well but this is the longest time we ever broken up. And this time(embarrasing enough for me) i finally stopped chasing after him or doing anything how i use to whenever we break up before. I just feel like im finally done. But as a scorpio i have my mind set to understand what the hell is wrong with him. And IF he would ever chase me once he realizes everything in the furture.

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    Most Aquarians are out of sight out of mind so you'll have a better chance of flying to the moon than getting us to chase you. We like new and shiny things...like a Sag but with more of a lazy approach. I on the other hand could not dream of seeing my kids. That is a character flaw and nothing to do with astrology.
  • Accept people as they are or do not associate with them. I am sure there are things about you that irk others. One thing you should do is reframe from insulting men to your husband as if he is not a man and not offended. You sound like you need a Snickers and a moment to woosaw. We all have those I hate everybody fays. It'll pass.
  • He's in love just maybe not head over heels in love yet and thay's okay. At least he is honest.
    Some guys will feed you bs.
  • As a Sag moon the answer is yes. I don't need anything in return but if you offer food (taurus rising) I wont turn it down.
  • Try giving him space to come to you. Regardless of signs he seems to want that and you should respect that. If it is meant to be he will come back to you.
  • Why is he mad at you?
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    In line with some tooics on here about Aquas not being emotional or vulnerable or expressive enough to the one they love... I want to ask you guys. So how do we know you love us or inlove with us?

    It confuses me when I finish skype with my partner and his text message says β€œYou seem so happy when you see me” but he doesnt say β€œI am so happy to see you” which is like the normal thing to say. He sometimes say it but some days he says I’m happy to see him. Lol i asked him today about what he knows about me because he didnt seem like the type who asks so many questions and I wonder if he was ever interested in me. He said what he knows about me is that i am impatient. I cant last not doing anything. I love staring at the window and I sometimes sit quietly and start thinking. That I overthink and overanalyze. I’m fun and said he chose me because I’m a frenchie (he loves dogs. He said hes a pug and I’m a frenchie).

    His ways are very unusual. But in some days he is cold, aloof and basically a typical aqua. So i wonder how you guys and gals act when inlove?

    *As a gemini, when Im inlove I do crazy things. Like relocate, follow his sports team, learn a new language or sport or activity... I aim to adapt when Im inlove. Otherwise I just do my own butter.

    You just explained it all when he mentioned the things about you. When we love you we take the time to notice those things which we find cute and what makes you...you.

    When I am in love I am a soft marshmello...who will cuddle and do all the things other guys I don't care for ever get the chance to experience. I rarely say I love you but will show it in every way possible.
  • Both of them are disgusting. She was sleeping with him for 10 years, had him perform 3 abortions on her. I am just speechless at the entire situation.
  • Ignore..he is messaging you because life with the other woman did not workout.
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    Scorpio girl dumped me because she said she has no feelings for me and doesnt want a relationship...then she messages me to hang out but only as friends..and Im like i cant do just friendship, but she keeps trying and we hang out last week and we were kinda close but did not kiss or anything and she told me were not hooking up. so I left it and she msgs me to go out or go drinking but with my friends.....

    why does she keep messaging me to be friends like she dumped me....wthSad Don't scorpios move on from their ex after they break up...??? and I dont want to hang out with her if its just friends because its hard for me cuz i still like her

    Leave her where she is at. She wants to be friends...you don't. Why put yourself through that? Let her go.
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    Yessss I’m here for it! πŸ’¦

    Mmmmm...one of our favorite songs to get it on too. I can not wait until I am back in town. I am craving him right now. 😈
  • I am a Mars in Libra and have a high sex drive but the win goes to Mars in Sag...my goodness they never stop.
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    When he showed up at my house I was completely shocked especially my sister whom I talked to about us. She loves Scorpios and is currently entangled with one herself. She could not believe how handsome he was in person.

    He had a nervous smile when I approached and he apologized for popping up saying his phone was broke and he had no other way of getting in touch with me and remembered my work schedule and assumed I might be home. I awkwardly introduced him to everyone and I quickly took my son out of the room.

    When everyone was out of the room he gave me a piercing stare and grabbed me between the legs twice and I pushed his hand away. In which he told me not to do that again. Then he mouthed the words, "I'm going to f-*# the s*#" out of you." I tried to have normal conversation but I lost all train of thought.

    I never mentioned to him but I know his whole phone being broke is bs. Why would you have an entirely different cellphone number because your phone broke? I knew from the moment he asked me about my dress and where I was going last week that he assumed I was going to see another guy so instead of confronting me he got jealous, changed his phone number and thought he could erase me from his memory but he couldn't so he had to come back with his tail between his legs.

    Long story short my sister took the kids out and we went at it like crazy. He stroked the heck out of me then suddenly he starts starring at me with really intense eyes gripped my neck tightly and said you better not ever shave down there again.

    That was the main reason I pushed him away earlier because I knew he would be upset that I was waxed. He said that's okay because I dyed my beard so we're even now.

    He had some errands to run and wanted to come back and finish where we left off but I was tired and wanted to spend some time at home relaxing. He did not respond well to my rain check.

    I am sorry but his stamina is crazy and I need rest.

    I love reading your stories. But you can tell that you've evolved because an Aqua at 25 yes old would have given him the blues for coming by unannounced.

    Omg yes at 25 I was hell on guys. He would have left with blue balls and a brusied ego. I once cursed a guy out for calling me too early in the morning just to say, "Hello." I cherished my sleep. Still do. πŸ˜‚


    That's how it goes! The older we get the more lenient we become and men still think we're impossible.

    Anyway, I'm on board with everyone else. You two are hot and I anticipate the next time you two get together.

    I even got mad with you, for taking a rain check. The nerve of you to be tired! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Honestly this situation made me realize one thing and that is the fact that I met my match. I use to pride myself on being the chick that put the guy to sleep and wore him out but he wins handsdown. He does not stop. Even if he has a quickie he wants it again..then after work or whenever he has free time...he will leave work to get it.. even tells me he wants to have an all day session. No in what universe is that sane???? I love sex I think it is the best thing in the world but I am also a lazy comfort loving taurus rising. Feed me and let me rest. πŸ‚πŸ

    Maybe this is why I am so perfectly matched with my Sagittarius ex whom we can't emotionally let each other go. I recently found out he too has a Scorpio venus but lots of earth in his chart. He gave me just enough sex and food to balance things out. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£