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  • Yes. Clumsy and shy. If I talk I can’t stop because of all the energy so I just hush
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    Ignore this thread my brothers and sisters.

    He says Libra with Scorpio moon...

    This is simply directed at me.
    2 days ago I actually confronted him and said some mean things to him..
    and here we are.

    Are you still mad @Ravishing ? Sad

    I already explained to you why I confronted you in the other thread, but you don't listen and continue to live in your bubble world.
    You think your behavior is cute, but it's really not.

    :/ sad face

    Ugh. Hopefully this isn’t true
  • Hm. Give up work completely? No. Unless I had a child that required special attention. I would however stay home with them until they start school. Most likely find a part time job that doesnt interfere with my family because they would always come first. Ooo or maybe start my own family business I’d like that.
  • I’ve only went on multiple dates with two Geminis

    1st one: tried to push me away and pop up later (were still social media friends and he just had the cutest baby) So it worked out the way it was supposed to

    2nd one: told me to marry my dog because he was jealous I wasn’t giving him attention.

    I’m supposed to get along with Geminis but no luck in the romance dept with them yet
  • Anyone use the astrowin Synastry calculator to determine compatibility? If so, how accurate is it. Curious to see others results
  • He could come back. Who knows. If someone said that to me, I would only consider friendship after that. I couldn’t take him/her seriously as a partner because he/she lied to hurt me.. I would see that as childish and not diplomatic
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    There's a Libra girl that has been on my tail for 2 weeks now. She came on really strong. Calling and texting too much even for a Gemini's standards and my attention was on a Pisces at the time.

    I started to ignore the Libra in an attempt that she would understand the communication was excessive. She has gotten the point and now the level of communication is nice.

    She has a Taurus moon.

    Anyway, she seems eager to date and seems keen on me. Has made it clear she wants to be courted and given ample attention and made it clear she is a relationship oriantated person and this is the longest she has ever been single.

    Question is, is it easy to get a Libra woman into a relo?

    Ruuun. These types are the ones you avoid because it will be a total butter show. That is a big red flag because she's not chasing you out of genuine interest, she's chasing you because she has SOME interest and she's sick of being single and trying to force something to work so she won't be single. My dingbat Libra friend did this and ended up with herpes from her newly wrangled boyfriend of 3 weeks (a guy she admitted she wasn't all that into but was sick of being single).

    Beware of a woman who cries about singledom like it's a curse. They won't make smart choices in finding a relationship and just grab whoever is available. You're her, "you'll do" option. Keep your focus on someone else and keep shrugging her off. She's not that into you, just the idea of the relationship.

    Never trust someone who isn't happy single and who think a relationship is the solution to happiness.
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    I’ve done this. Very true. Ugh, hopefully never again
  • Personally it’s not the best match for me. An aqua with a Leo rising or libra moon is more appealing but I don’t think it’s the best match for romance. Looking back I think we couldve been best friends. Life long best friends
  • I’m a Virgo libra cusp. What did you say when she confessed her feelings? If I work up enough courage to tell someone I like them and I get a certain response.. I can go dark
  • Anyone use astrology to help select a career? If so can you guide me on the steps to figure out the career suggestions?
  • What attracts you? What holds your interest? What other Venus signs are you most compatible with?

    I have a Scorpio Venus
  • Tf.. none? They all just have different emotional triggers

    the aqua I knew cried when her bf died. People thought it was crazy because he was the best to her but she took the loss very hard. I can see why she was so upset.

    As a Virgo cusp someone could die and I might not cry although it hurts me I won't cry in public unless it's someone I'm really close to, I'm seeing their dead body, and someone else around is crying. I guess I hold back until it's overwhelming

    Capricorn get emotional when their shield breaks idk. I've seen my sister break down once and it was the saddest thing. That made me cry... and a I had to calm my Capricorn coworker down when she thought she would lose her job and not be able to support her child.

    I don't think any of them are unemotional.. we just kind of react differently. Just my insight but I'm sure the placements are a factor.
  • Something practical yet beautiful
  • I have a libra mars and just read up on how we handle conflicts. Very accurate. I will say whatever to avoid the conflict (I hate it)

    For example if you scream at me I will shut down and take it and try to be as civil as possible even if I'm pissed...

    and then I'll vent to other people. Any other libra mars know how to address this in the moment to avoid resentful actions/comments.

  • Hm. I'm a Virgo cusp woman and I have a Leo moon so maybe I can offer some insight from my pov. Um I had a Virgo man chase me got in a relationship and when it started failing he was messaging me again. He was an emotional cheater but he wouldn't have cheated sexually. I blocked him not wanting to be the other woman but yeah. hope that helps
  • Hey. I had a friend that is no longer talking to me. I'm a libra and I held onto all my issues with her until I sent her a long text. She explained her side and I thought it was resolved. The next day she sends me a long text saying she was having a hard day yesterday and then proceeded to explain herself. I was annoyed because she also stated that my issue seemed small in comparison to xyz. My issue was she was trying to clear her name instead of fixing the friendship. I asked her for space and time because we both weren't handling the conflict well. (Plus I have a low level of patience for that tactic) She decided to end it for whatever reason. I sent her a message recently to meet up and talk but it was ignored. Should I leave it alone or try to fix it. I usually just end it but I'm challenging myself to do something new but I want to respect her wishes as well.
  • I don't get along with other Libras either. Men or women.
  • Idk I'm a libra and I have weird humor and I like talking about perverted stuff. I just created a hypothetical scenario for my ex (just to see his reaction)!where his mom was getting penetrated by one of those thrusting machines. His dad was angrily masturbating to porn and his brother tried to give him an awkward hand job. However, you will never see me ask this to people that make me uncomfortable. Libras boring? Nah. Weird ? Yes! All Libras I know are weird and super sexual. I don't find us boring. Maybe if you find them boring you just don't like our brand of weird
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    I’m not sure I understand, why not just go have a nice relationship with someone else. Bottom line is, he ditched you to go work on himself, surely you must think you’re better than that?

    I have no desire to date him. I just really like holding onto friends but not at the risk of a relationship
  • What's her sign? I can't communicate with my mother either