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What attracts you? What holds your interest? What other Venus signs are you most compatible with?

I have a Scorpio Venus
Tf.. none? They all just have different emotional triggers

the aqua I knew cried when her bf died. People thought it was crazy because he was the best to her but she took the loss very hard. I can see why she was so upset.

As a Virgo cusp someone could die and I might not cry although it hurts me I won't cry in public unless it's someone I'm really close to, I'm seeing their dead body, and someone else around is crying. I guess I hold back until it's overwhelming

Capricorn get emotional when their shield breaks idk. I've seen my sister break down once and it was the saddest thing. That made me cry... and a I had to calm my Capricorn coworker down when she thought she would lose her job and not be able to support her child.

I don't think any of them are unemotional.. we just kind of react differently. Just my insight but I'm sure the placements are a factor.
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I have a libra mars and just read up on how we handle conflicts. Very accurate. I will say whatever to avoid the conflict (I hate it)

For example if you scream at me I will shut down and take it and try to be as civil as possible even if I'm pissed...

and then I'll vent to other people. Any other libra mars know how to address this in the moment to avoid resentful actions/comments.

Hm. I'm a Virgo cusp woman and I have a Leo moon so maybe I can offer some insight from my pov. Um I had a Virgo man chase me got in a relationship and when it started failing he was messaging me again. He was an emotional cheater but he wouldn't have cheated sexually. I blocked him not wanting to be the other woman but yeah. hope that helps
Hey. I had a friend that is no longer talking to me. I'm a libra and I held onto all my issues with her until I sent her a long text. She explained her side and I thought it was resolved. The next day she sends me a long text saying she was having a hard day yesterday and then proceeded to explain herself. I was annoyed because she also stated that my issue seemed small in comparison to xyz. My issue was she was trying to clear her name instead of fixing the friendship. I asked her for space and time because we both weren't handling the conflict well. (Plus I have a low level of patience for that tactic) She decided to end it for whatever reason. I sent her a message recently to meet up and talk but it was ignored. Should I leave it alone or try to fix it. I usually just end it but I'm challenging myself to do something new but I want to respect her wishes as well.
I don't get along with other Libras either. Men or women.
Idk I'm a libra and I have weird humor and I like talking about perverted stuff. I just created a hypothetical scenario for my ex (just to see his reaction)!where his mom was getting penetrated by one of those thrusting machines. His dad was angrily masturbating to porn and his brother tried to give him an awkward hand job. However, you will never see me ask this to people that make me uncomfortable. Libras boring? Nah. Weird ? Yes! All Libras I know are weird and super sexual. I don't find us boring. Maybe if you find them boring you just don't like our brand of weird
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I’m not sure I understand, why not just go have a nice relationship with someone else. Bottom line is, he ditched you to go work on himself, surely you must think you’re better than that?

I have no desire to date him. I just really like holding onto friends but not at the risk of a relationship
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Both of you, girls, are his "friends" and nothing more. It's normal to defend his friend, because Aquas care about their friends, no matter what flaws they may have. Especially the female ones, that they tend to protect in a certain extent out of manhood and nothing more. The males can take care of themselves, so there is no need to "defend" them. After all, he invited you to keep HER company, not HIM. She was invited first. He even refused to give you a ride. Think about it. I would politely decline.
2Moon is a Libra too.

Thank you. Very practical
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Write @ and 2Moon right after it to tag our aqua guru 2Moon. He gives the best Aqua-Libra advice around.

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Hi everyone, I have a question about a Libra man. So he & I now each other since childhood, he is my besties cousin and in the summer he either came to visit them or we went to his house. In the teen years I really liked him & hoped we could become more than friends, of course we rarely saw each cause living in different cities. At like 14 I asked my bff to ask hime if he wanted to date me, he asked her for my picture (he knows damn well how I look like) and said to think about it but never answered. We continued being friends. Fast forward we're adults, I moved out of the country and thought I'd ask him out of curiosity if he'd ever thought of us as more than friends. Of course he said no, and denied everything and that he didn't even know I liked him (yeah right if someone texts you: goodnight, I'm thinking about you). If he didn't get the hints he must be heavily retarded lol. Anyway after that I immediately noticed he got really weird, as in panic. It's like he's afraid I'm going to kidnap and rape him. Kinda hurts my feelings I just thought we'd have a laugh about those time and keep being friends but we haven't spoke in years. I'm a Gemini by the way. Why would he act that way? He's always been really shy around girls and all that but that was in his teens. I promise you I'm a very good looking girl, is he really that disgusted by me? He can't even bare the idea I had a crsh on him like 10 years ago? And now on instagram he's the one who checks out my stories the most, but he never likes or comments. Only once in like three years and I suspect it was by mistake I am so confused! I don't know any other Libras to compare.I understand that maybe he didn't want to hurt my feelings by saying he didn't like me. But why ghost me like that and why is he so interested in my IG stories.Again, so confused, someone please help me understand. I'm a Gemini, I just need to make sense of stuff Thank you so much

Has he dated anyone else? Does he have a type? Do you know his moon?

Based on the information.. you might have been friend zoned but I need more details.

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But i wouldnt date him. He aint even got a stable place to live.

not to sound savage but ... you're hurt? He just got kicked out and you're bummed he doesn't text all day. I feel like if I were him I would ghost on your butt as well! Did you ask him how he was, offered to help him find a place, be a shoulder for him to lean on? I mean you don't have to do those things but he might not be texting back as much because of this. Also he doesn't have a steady place to live but his phone is supposed to be charged and waiting for your call? Lol This is the problem. Libras can be so giving and considerate so if you don't get that same concern back we get hurt.

I'm not sure all the details but it just sounds like you need to show more concern or leave him be.

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I'm a woman but I have the same sun moon Venus and mars as he does. Hmmm.. I'm trying to see what would make me react this way.

I guess if I felt I deserved it? I mean hear me out. I understand you can't be like " oh, I deserve to be the father of your child" ..but let's say for example we picked out baby names and I was coming around to the idea. I might feel very hurt if when I finally want a child and you then tell me I have to wait. I feel like I'm a bit impatient when it comes to people dragging their feet with committing to me. I'd rather move on and find someone that will give me what I want but if I have a connection with the person I will start telling them how I'm losing Interest in them.

My thoughts are if you're as crazy about me as I am about you.. why wouldn't you give me this? I'd do it for you.

I know with me as long as you explain your side and not imply that I'm crazy I can eventually come around but if I'm talked to like I'm crazy I'll give you crazy... or ill distance myself if I don't feel like dealing with it

Im not sure all the details of the situation but hopefully this gives some insight.
He will probably start talking to someone else.
A friend once told me that I'm really sweet as long as I'm getting my way. I think that's for a lot of libras. If we're working with you and you pay us dust... we will react. I get really angry when I feel I'm being taken advantage of but as long as that never happens you will only get the nice libra