Mostly like my Gemini sun, I'm a man of Mercury.
I think I have seen your picture before Lady_M and you do have a pronounced Aquarius like schizothymic expression you an Aquarius right? I've seen your eyes, if you post your picture I can describe from what I've seen you seem to be basically a Sudanid.
Just thought about Jainism extreme puritanical Virgo.
Or is it Panjab? Indo European Sanskritic 'Panch' - 5, land of five rivers.
Buddha could be both Virgo/Pisces, the goddess Durga probably an Aries expression comparatively less chthonic than Kali.
Guru Nanak since he is from the Punjab he could be Aquarian - the Punjab must be ruled by Aquarius. Buddha would be Piscean.
Not at all I'm a Gemini - not unless you put your gun in my head a shoot it, if you don't know about the Gemini sign you don't know capital K anything about astrology - you're here cuz you're bored that's all. That woman will learn her lesson 33 - menopausal in a few years she will learn, she must have spent her whole life being impotently hyper critical about everything - for well nothing. I'm a worker man (I don't know about any of you people who might be affluent bourgouise but I'm a worker) and I will not tolerate an impotent condescending pretentious menopausal skank trying to STEAL my time for absolutely nothing - treetrunk you cookiemonster.
Fascinating topic though considering the juxtaposition between a Virgo and a salesperson. Free world baby don't call him if you don't wan't to.
But its a question about salesmanship and that's a woman right?
She must suspect all salesmen as being cigs which is why she doesn't wanna treetrunk around she could just get down on her knees and give her dad some pleasure inbred treetrunk.
You sound like a stand offish frigid stupid manipulating treetrunk cookiemonster - and a very PRETENTIOUS one - why would you spend one hour with a worker (hourly wage) that works on commission and doesn't have the product that you need? You are a nightmare. If you don't believe in salesmanship why are you in a mall in the first place?
1) One hour at the counter.

2) You are wasting his time - he works on commission baby.

3) He leaves his number for you - and you are cold and apprehensive.

4) Reeks of frigidity I hope I never come across a woman like you.
You haven't considered bisexuality? and besides going after your first post you sound like a frigid woman among whom I hope I never come across. I will tell you this - what I did some years ago, attractive blonde Norweigian girl at the counter - well I had seen her before and was attracted to her we worked in the same mall so I knew where she worked, I didn't know her sign or anything about astrology back then probably Aquarian when I reminisce now. I remember buying something gorgeous I think it was a watch, what I did was I asked her - told her - lied to her that I have a girlfriend that looks similar to her and whether she could recommend something - she did and I bought it and if I remember correctly the next day I think so I took it back to her store gift wrapped and handed it over to one of her coworkers for her, no sex, no love no kitty.
Krishna - Aries

Shiva - Gemini

Brahman - Aquarius

Kali - Scorpio
What does sugar consumption do to Virgos is what I mean't.
Pisces man Libra woman

Pisces "he's barely eaten anything all day"

Libra "he's been sick please take him to the vet for me will you"

Pisces "you are always feeding him rotisserie chicken what is the point of buying dog food?"

Libra "get his two shots done also its been a year overdue"

Pisces "but he's sick"

Libra "pick up some dog shampoo too, something moisturizing I'm run out"

Pisces "he needs a friend that's what his problem is, why did you choose for only one?"

Libra "take him over next door to play and tell them to keep their Great Dane kenneled don't forget that"

Pisces "he could stay with me for a while I don't mind"

Libra "ok fine you can take my fish tank with you I'll be out of town for a couple of days."

crap! 'suspect.'
Considering Libra Pisces relationships I suscpect that the Pisceans would have a more service oriented relationship with Libra should be mostly harmonious except for the subservience of the Pisean sign.