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1. Attracted to Male dominant 100%
2. Open minded but extremely put together
3. Fun loving and non-judgmental but have no patience for immaturity. He needs to be a gentleman.
4. Open to role play
5. I tend to fall for someone quickly even if I tell myself it's just for fun.
6. Definitely, love is at the top of the list! One thing I do differentiate between is loving someone and being *in* love with them. Big difference for me!
I'm lacking fire because my only placement in Jupiter in Sagittarius. The rest is Rising and mars in Virgo, Venus in Tauraus, Neptune in Capricorn. For Air signs I have Gemini Sun, Midheaven, and Mercury. Uranus in Aquarius. And for water, I have Cancer moon, Saturn in Pisces and my Pluto in Scorpio.
Air: 4
Fire: 1
Earth: 3
wait does that give me +10 for mars in 12th? because i feel so incredibly unassertive with my tiny 5 hahaha
wait does that give me +10 for mars in 12th? because i feel so incredibly unassertive with my tiny 5 hahaha
wait does that give me +10 for mars in 12th? because i feel so incredibly unassertive with my tiny 5 hahaha
hahaha i got 5...... weak
the only mars part is that its opposite pluto and its in virgo but i do have mars in the 12 house so maybe my passiveness will boil up into something much later in life?
Hey guys!!
So... I have uranus in my 5th house and from what ive read this isnt the best placement! There are tendencies for unplanned pregnancies, rape, (extramarital) love affairs, and a lot of other bad stuff! I was just wondering what anyone else has heard about it or if you do have it tell me what it's like for you!! For one, it sure is tiring!
PISCES the best i miss him so much
Virgo and Aqua men
Cancers humor can annoy me but i know a lot of other people think theyre soo funny
Gemini, we need to let go all the gossip!
Venus in my 9th house
If Venus is in the ninth house the person leads a luxurious life. Yet she has a balanced life as well. She becomes successful in life after the 22nd year. Childhood is spent in happiness. But in the middle part of his life he has to struggle hard.

Through hard work however she is able to turn the fortune in her favour. She likes to travel and travels far and wide in her lifetime. She has orthodox religious beliefs. She has a happy and successful married life. She is very virtuous and becomes famous in middle age.
i have virgo rising too, i hate it! and i have gem sun so i always get so anxious and over-think everything!
SHY GEM HERE: i have VIRGO rising and CANCER moon and i absolutely hate it! if only i could have leo rising and aqu moon or something to aid my gemini sun! im terrible in new situations and P-angle its a lot easier to talk online than in person so this is reality
Wow, im may 31st and decan 1 was totally off! I'm thin, have a button nose and long hands.. anyways yeah i tend to get a lot of stares too, but i love it! its an awkward feeling that has settled in and the feeling that someone is watching me is pretty reoccurring. The nice thing about us gems is that we are quick to notice, so onlookers: watch out!
All in all, I think we are all better than this... Obviously everyone here knows quite a bit about astrology so we are all smart enough to know that to just judge a person on their sun sign is way too vague. I am party bringing this up because I am, I will admit, a bit hurt by the amount of haters Gems have! In my make-up of signs, I am so much more than a flighty, two-faced Gemini.. I have cancer moon, taurus venus, etc! All of us are made up of so much more than our sun sign so to blame an entire group of people for being born between 5/22-6/21 (if you're not thinking about cusps!!!) is pretty stupid. Arguably, the ascendant is more important than the sun.. so lets not be so quick to judge everyone else!
Everyone hates the air signs, sheesh! I'd say scorpios can sometimes be a little too much for me at times! They are very emotionally intense beings... But I really enjoy all signs because they are what make each other different, every sign is good and bad and I'll be the first to admit that geminis are annoying But we try!!
hands, arms, shoulders, neck, armpits, yes yes yes
Air - 6
Water - 4
Earth - 4
Fire - 1