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I always had just one or two girl friend and the rest are guys. Why ? I don't know, but i'm always more comfortable with men

Guys are just WAY more interesting. Females tend to bring too much drama. I work in IT, so many times I'm the only female on the team.
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He's probably an Pisces/Aqua cusp hence the awkwardness. that explains why my friend acts like 47 going on 17. Manly man, hard a** who melts and turns into this insecure teenager when he's around a lady he likes. Poor guy just freaks.
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Most people I know born on Feb. 19th are still open a free like an Aqua but still VERY emotional like a Pisces. For example: I have a friend who's birthday is that day.... she's open to threesomes with her boyfriend, but he can't step out on her without her in the pic. Another Feb. 19th guy I know is fun to party with, but in relationships he's very loyal and emotional. Like... don't even look at another man type thing or he'll cry 😳.

Interesting. I see the same guy behavior in my friend as well. So fabulously entertaining socially and yet he's emotional as b*tter when it comes to relationships. Thanks for the info!
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in my experience, pisceans are bad with the phone, computer, etc & best face to face.

they are the best "vibers" & seem to do best when in physical presence so they can feel things out.

even more intensified if they have a mercury in pisces

Seems they use electronic communication to be polite, or for example if you've asked for their help, but it's usually short and to the point. They will initiate that type of communication once and a while if they have something important to say (e.g., wish you happy birthday, congrats on something, news they feel you need to know about, etc.)...rarely just to chat. Or, they might ask you how you are doing and let you do all the talking. They will 'show up' when you least expect it...and SHOW you how they feel with sweet and very thoughtful gestures.

FB and social media, NEVER in my experience. They won't even have an account. I think it's because, as others have said, they are guarded and can pick up on bs in a flash, social media is a waste of their time. In-person communication is their preference and they can be so attentive making you feel like you're the only one in the room. Even just as friends. I believe you will find you make the most progress (emotional closeness) in-person. Electronic communication will continue to frustrate you. She'll seem like you have her undivided attention and then she'll be gone again. Try not to take it personally. In my experience, it's just how they are.

Once they trust you, they are extremely loyal. As long as you let them have their space and you aren't too demanding of their time and attention. It may sound silly but I find it's best to let them be the last text/chat in the conversation. Not sure why but maybe it keeps them wanting more and not feeling smothered.
I had electrolysis on my face. No easy time. They basically put a needle in each follicle and zap it for a few minutes. It stings, requires multiple treatments and in my case the hair grew back but white with no pigment. They told me that usually happens. You can stop there or keep going until it is killed totally. They charge by the hour and it is very time consuming.
@soundsunscene "As a Pisces as I know they internalize things and as man when you have no one to talk to it isn't easy. That stereo typical Pisces going to the dark side is just so hard to watch as an onlooker and I feel like I'm living an abnormal life watching it all go on and being involved in it so I'm not sure what to do for myself as well as him."

My heart goes out to you. I've been trying to support a male Pisces (I'm Cancer too) who has been going through a dark period for a few years now. Ugly divorce after 18 yrs, followed by a girlfriend break up after 2.5 yrs and the guilt of it throwing her into a clinical depression. He's cried in front of me too and shared very personal stuff. He's an emotional mess...I just try to give him space when he needs it to go through his process of healing, while letting him know I'm always there for him. But it's VERY hard for me, caring about him as I do...that maternal Cancer in me. He'll just ghost for months at a time. Show up like all is well and then disappear again just as quickly. Cancers/Pisces connect at a very deep, unique level. I have the same special connection with another male Pisces but he knows how to handle life without the destructive behaviors and is always present in my life.

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So you should've called him out on his behavior. Be direct. Tell him he was wrong for not keeping it real and letting you know that he didn't or couldn't hang out.

Don't beat around the bush with these men, gets you nowhere.

I did basically. After I got no response from him about our plans still being on I sent him this last text.

You know it's very cruel and hurtful to make plans with someone and then just stop talking to them. For future reference, a simple "I'm no longer interested" would do the job.
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To say this is familiar is an understatement! I struggle with a male Pisces friend who is always quick to talk about plans but never follows frustrating Not just with me, he does it to other guy friends as well. Then he's shocked when the guys blow him off. smh I've called him out on the behavior a number of times...nothing but silence in return. I consider him a dear friend. I know he's an emotional mess, going through a lot of b*tter on a personal I will continue to try and 'deal' with him. Can't imagine dealing with him on a romantic level though. He flip-flops from being very caring to not giving a b*tter about what people think.
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He is what you would call an unevolved Pisces.

Can you please provide more detailed examples of 'unevolved'? Would you consider it the same as 'low functioning'? Just curious since I have two (very different) Pisces male friends.
Following your previous thread...interesting Pisces times you are having indeed!
My experience is they are very purposeful in their comments. They choose their words very carefully.
@WaterDevil Two different Pisces males. With the first friend, we both didn't understand the natural connection, his eyes would lock on and not let go, he started having feelings and pulled back (I'm married and he was coming off an ugly divorce). I will never give up hope that he'll come back into my life some day.

The other friend came into my life a year later. I started the 'connection' conversation as soon as I found out he's a Pisces as a proactive measure. He immediately got it, no problem. He's also married. We've been good friends for over a year. But, still those are dangerous! lol
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The connection / pull between Cancer and Pisces can be intense. If you want to keep it platonic, try to avoid the eye contact.

That's actually very good advice! Thank you. That's such a simple solution I think. Because there is a definite pull for sure. And it's as if I know I could kiss her again if I wanted to when that eye contact happens. And that she'd be positively receptive to it. But it's redundant. Because in the end of the day it will just be a kiss to her. Nothing more. Thank you. That makes a lot of sense in my head... I really just need to let go of the hope....
BUT here-in lies one problem.....
she is about to be in a music video with me. For me.... the eye contact is going to be necessary in certain scenes.... and it's intense... hopefully I'll survive.
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You're welcome. I learned the hard way. In one case, it seriously complicated the friendship and we may never recover. With can be hard to look away...but the friendship is too important to me to risk it happening again.
The connection / pull between Cancer and Pisces can be intense. If you want to keep it platonic, try to avoid the eye contact.
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One of the reasons I went into engineering, and stopped doing hair and makeup though is that I enjoy these odd men lol and working with them and under them 100000% more than bleepy catty petulant boring shallow women.

OMG!!! My thoughts EXACTLY! lol LOVE THEM!
@nanobyte "This kind of relationship dynamic does not happen a lot..."

So true but so fabulous when you find it! Appreciate your thoughts!
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You know whats funny... IT was a female led industry at first. All the men went off to war and women learned code.

I'm starting to see a pattern. I've worked in IT for 14 yrs and most of my friends are male due to the industry. I am happily married and my husband understands I work in what is still primarily a man's world. The following are actual quotes from men I know...

Men 40 and younger...platonic relationships (lunch, texting, etc.) while they are also in a committed biggie. Totally comfortable, no weird vibes, etc. "You can't have a friendship with a woman without it being sexual?"

Men over 40... "I don't have female friends outside work." "People will assume "something" is going on and I need to think about my reputation." "I have a very jealous wife."

I would say it's about 50/50 for my female friends over 40. Some say we're "playing with fire leaving ourselves open to temptation". While others, again, no biggie.

Most of my friends male/female are younger than I am and I welcome it because they help keep me young at heart. I love their energy, intellect, etc.

Is it a generation thing? Social media thing? Old school vs. new? What's been your experience especially those who work closely with the opposite sex.
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@ P-Angel

You are treetrunking disgusting for saying that. Go treetrunk yourself.

Thank you! She is always so bitter and just down right negative!
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Just block her!
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Just be careful that you won't be totally swooped by his idealistic romances act to you.
Especially falling to "quickly".

It maybe perceived as if he's falling too quickly but in reality that's how some are. I've had a best friend Pisces male for years no intimacy and he was very supportive, loyal and caring. My boyfriend is the same way. It's just their style .

I understand some people may not have the same outcome with them but it maybe due to other reasons. But a healthy, decent Pisces man carries these traits.

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Totally agree...same with my male Pisces friends.
I'm in a similar situation. I'm Cancer and worked with a Pisces on a daily basis. That bond is something special isn't it? We became great friends but long story short...he was coming off a horrible divorce after 18 yrs and started having feelings, even though he had a girlfriend. I'm married. I left the company and he didn't know how to handle a friendship outside the office. Yet to be seen if he can work through it and just be friends again. People break up and get divorced all the time and yet remain friends. So I too would like to it possible for a Pisces male to remain friends if they've had feelings?