You HAD to spam that too? Hahah youre a chatterbox ❀
Its very important everyone knows what Virgos make me feel πŸ™„
Its always a Cancer spamming and flooding the front page
This song reminds me of how Virgos make me feel, wholesome and uplifting
Ive only been friends with one, from what Ive seen... If you show interest, they will emotionally detach. When you dont give them attention, they chase you around.
It looks like Photoshop to me

But in Turkey and Iran there are actual plastic surgeons who would happily agree to facilitate mentally ill patients on their fixations
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Yall should listen to the most professional educated Aries woman in my office

Yesterday she was talking about how the illuminati own north Korea and months ago she talked about Obama doing something really crazy I forgot but everyday she has some conspiring theory that's ridiculously far fetched. She's a trump supporter.

Lol guess what sign she's married too thoπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Shut up, dont say Gemini

Although yeee june and july people can be so obnoxious
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πŸ˜‚ this is why I can't do crabs....

That was a funny read tho.

They are so serious y can't never just enjoy a moment.
It ain't all that serious ugh.

Yeah some of them need to tone it down with the cynicism
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Paranoia and anxieties... he sounds quite volatile too. Have you been to his place? Does he have newspaper clippings pinned to the wall connected by strings?

Hahaha why do I attract stalkers? Must be my Scorpio ASC πŸ€”
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while scorpio men I find to be incredibly unattractive physically. Most of the Scorpio men I know irl have odd, misshapen frumpy bodies, are short and balding, and have personal hygiene issues. Th

post of the treetruking day

Yep! That’s ugly...
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He looks constipated, like he's forcing a poo
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They speculate a lot about whats going on in other people's mind and heart, instead of just asking them.

How are they supposedly your best match? Because Taureans arent that vocal about their thoughts and feelings
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This one is broken, ask for a new one.


I love a good conspiracy theory, but only because I love debunking them even more. But his are constant and always in relation to him, its mentally draining sometimes

If he's already showing you his craziness this early, how do you think it'll be once he's more comfortable?

Men get worse with comfort, not better. If he's not Mr. Perfect from the start, you looked past those red flags.

Christmas is coming, get him a roll of foil - tell him it's for 'luck'.
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He's just a friend, but even then you're right

I feel like he's the female version of CC and she's always been my friend, in my mind.. hard to simply let that go
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Does this brother bun zoots everyday?

One would think, but no... I used to know a Gemini who was on drugs every day, nothing would freak him out lol
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This one is broken, ask for a new one.


I love a good conspiracy theory, but only because I love debunking them even more. But his are constant and always in relation to him, its mentally draining sometimes
A few weeks ago I visited an aquarium because Ive caught an interest with marine life/ocean biology 🐟 🐠 so it was only natural to meet a crab there

He approached me with a joke about sea turtles and his sense of humor instantly drew me into getting to know him better as a friend.

We've been hanging out a lot, going on little adventures together, exploring interests, talking and joking about anything for hours on end.

Initially when we met I never imagined him to be a paranoid person, but recently he's opened up about his insecurities and Ive noticed he has some off the wall theories about almost everyone and every thing. He sabotages

One time I invited him to hang out with me and my friends. He said he couldnt express his excitement and was looking forward to it, then the night before... he out of nowhere asks me a list of the people who will be there. I gave him a few of my friends names and said he probably wouldnt know them. He explains how he ''knows'' two of them (they are somewhat cyber famous) and goes off on a tangent about how this and that person indirectly treated him poorly in the past.

I didnt try to convince him to come but said it would be too bad if he didnt because without him it wouldnt be the same fun as I had looked forward to hanging out with him aswell. I left it at that. The next day he surprisingly shows up at the place where we'd hang out.

We had a lot of fun. He got along with most of my friends, even the ones he was skeptical about. An hour or two in, he pulls me to the side and tells me how my Capricorn friend observes and mean stares him when talking to me. That he HAS to leave because he doesnt feel comfortable and doesnt want to be in the way of my friendship with that Capricorn. I made a joke and told him that friendship is long gone. He leaves anyways and immediately texts me that he feels bad about disappointing me, I dont know how he thinks he did that but I didnt bother engaging in his manipulation, and if I want to hang out the next night.

I agreed. We started talking about health insurance and maybe changing it before the new year. For some reason he became agitated and got very heated about the topic and explains how horrible the Dutch health care system is, how it ledd him into debt once and somehow its money laundering. We discuss it a little bit, then I tell him he can change his paying method online to a more convenient one so he wont fall behind. He goes on about how he doesnt trust them with his bank account information. I tell him they have all his information anyway because the government gives the info to his health company.

Eventually after at least 30 minutes he logs into his account. Theres a button for financial overview but it didnt work for him. He says WOW, you see this butter? They dont want me to see it because they rather have me fall behind on my payments so they can cash in more money by sending those bills to a debt agency. At this point I was so done with his crazy theories, that I didnt even comment on them anymore.

He calls customer service and he GOES OFF on the lady. He put her on speaker phone. She was surprisingly very calm and I could hear her polite laughs were just her laughing at his wild conspiracy theories. He hadnt activated the sms verification option, which is needed to see the financial overview. He didnt apologize to her for going off on her, instead he says: oh one more thing, the website isnt customer friendly and thats why he didnt know about the verification thing. Im like

Anyway this opening post is already hugh mungus, but there are more ridicilous examples of his paranoia. He managed to manipulate his parents into divorce and never speaking to one another again because of HIS paranoia! Are Cancer men devils in disguise? I thought they were sweet and emotional.

I still enjoy his company though. He's tons of fun when he doesnt think the world is out there to get him.
Best emotional meltdown decision Ive ever made
Havent received any PM from him since my post... but every time you think youve got rid of people like that, they always pop back up
Sometimes you got to fall off the horse and get dragged to understand why you shouldnt go down a certain path LOL stubborn problems but lesson learned
Best has been Scorpio. He completely understood my need to LEARN to trust feelings and saw right through the way I tried to kill our relationship with doubt and seeing things from all angles until I had torn it all apart with endless analysis and pondering

Scorpios, Geminis, Virgos and Virgo moons are the only people who understand my inability to completely rely on or trust others, they dont get offended by it