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I agree with what youre saying. I have no idea what its like to be anything other than white, because it wasnt a choice.

I do however strongly disagree that all white people suffer from cognitive dissonance.
You really dislike white people, huh?
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I have not seen everyone's profile pics, but those that I see often on the front page that are "beautilicious" are:

(In no particular order)

Blackphase (Just gorgeous)
Heliumfiasco (Cheekbones for days)
Leoow (Pretty Eyes)
Neno is handsome

There are others, I just have to think.

Oh wow! I wasnt expecting that. Thank you so much! Was having a crap day, lil compliments are the best
This post makes me sad. You deserve to feel like you DESERVE better than this.
You'll eventually escape in the middle of the night like I did. Refer to other threads.
ONLY if it's been left untouched and justice hasn't been served. I can't sleep if that's the case. Everything will be fair!!!!
If I'm still mad and I'm like driving down the road a month later, I'll start weighing things out in my head and if I think of some unjust thing you've done to me... I'll shoot ya a quick text. It'll be written immaculately and meant to slice in a very classy way. 💅🏻
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but I don't see how what she states takes away free will, or your ability to determine your own destiny? She's simply stating facts about human nature and breaking down societal based stereotypes that go against our nature about love.

This doesn't mean you can't be happy or decide what you want?!
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So, I'm not super familiar with online message boards. Only have ever used this one. Do people like role play on here or something?! Lots of weird, unexplainable posts.... hahahaha am I missing something?!?

your turn to roll 1d12
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I don't even know how to post a picture to a thread. No clue what this means dude! Hah
No fire description sounds about 80% accurate
I have personality that borders heavy on the nihilistic side (but yes I'm into astrology) hah. so I'd go with your sister on that one.
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The Teena love song thread. The real life or fake soldier thread. I just can't tell if it's one big joke and I'm missing it....

Why bother anyway? You can choose not to read them if at all ya know 🤷
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I wasn't being an ass. I honestly didn't know WTF was going on.
Not even being hateful.... just confused.
The Teena love song thread. The real life or fake soldier thread. I just can't tell if it's one big joke and I'm missing it....
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These, which I got for fun, not to wear seriously. Maybe I could wear them if there's ever a 70s themed party, but I rarely go to parties, so maybe not, lol.

I own these in black. Wear on the reg. Haha opps.
I left for like 4 years. Haha. Never seen butter like this before. This is also the most active I've ever been.