Sun Libra 11?? 12' in house 12 Moon Gemini 11?? 1' in house 8 Mercury Libra 19?? 55' in house 12 Venus Virgo 15?? 8' in house 11 Mars Virgo 15?? 27' in house 11 Jupiter Aquarius 7?? 7' in house 4 Saturn Scorpio

I don't find myself to be someone who is easily used at all.
I don't know that I have haters either. I have found that people either want to be best friends off-the-bat or, really dislike me. In general I can sense insecure women are very standoffish to me. However, insecure women typically are that way with any woman they don't know. Another trait I find to be true is "alpha women" or the ones that are use to being the center of attention are usually annoyed with my presence at first, which I don't get, because I'm very much a wallflower though.
Water- Cancer
Air- Aquarius
Fire- Sagg
Earth- Capricorn/Virgo tie
Definitely restless and emotions are sifted through the mind before being displayed.
Ive never fully related to that stereotype. Maybe, its because my moon falls in the 8th. I have a few Gemini Moon friends. All very much deep thinkers, intellectuals, none superficial actually.
Gemini Moon here. Only cheated once and it was in a very emotionally abusive relationship with a Stellium Scorpio. I made out with his friend out of pure spite. Not my personal best. I am loyal to a fault to those I love in general though.
I honestly read the title wrong. I didn't realize it was directed towards a specific person. I still think it was interesting to read others responses. Hopefully this BeautifulSoul dude shows up. haha
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beautifulsoul has really great insights I enjoy reading his posts and nodding along

Im going to need to read them!
I personally think they are the strongest of the water signs. They will nurture you to death, but take none of your butter. A Cancer is a healing sign, they heal others. Which is why they attract damaged people who need support. Its easy to be left bewildered when a Cancer walks away because they seem so soft, gentle, loving and patient that its easy to get a big head about yourself and assume they will put up with your butter or their needs not being met. This isnt true. A Cancer who feels unappreciated is a Cancer about to roll out on you.
I wish I had water. However my houses are mostly 8th and 10th... So i get the Scorpio and Pisces vibes through that I assume.
Both simultaneously.
Do you lurk your exs online? If so, how often?
So I have a lot of placements in the 8th and 12th, houses of Scorpio and Pisces. Does this explain why I get along with water signs so well...and almost exclusively?!
Libra and Virgo. Air and Earth (obviously)
Go find you a Cancer with lots of Earth placements