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When you meet a woman for whatever reason, whether you’re interested in them or not, what characteristics within them makes you think they have what it takes to be marriage material to a man in the future?
What I can think of as future marriage material in a woman:
• Emotionally Stable
• Empathetic
• Loyal
• Patience
• Refinement
• Sincerity

What characteristics within a woman that makes you think they won’t ever get married?
My views on women that display the below characteristics are not likely to be marriage material:
• Disrespectfulness
• Emotionally unstable
• Gossipy
• Immaturity
• Manipulative
• Selfish

So what are you views on the subject matter? Share any stories you may have too if you wish.

Some people may even dislike positive traits and like negative ones.

a woman can't be all those top half all the time, it's nice if she's like that alot of the time,

some days she feels like being immature...some days selfish other days so unselfish you wanna cry..
other days you see her over at the neighbors gossiping,
and you shake your head,
then later you find out she made a blanket for your grandma and bakes you your favourite pie,
there are times she's gonna be making your eyes wide with her disrespect,
but overall she is respectful.
if you expect perfection, then you're going to find a woman who will fake it until she finds someone who loves her realness.

although the list on the top half sounds like a mother theresa, who never got married. and spent more time on taking care of dozens of people instead of a man and her children.

Actually I heard many times from women-"do whatever he likes and wants until he marries you....then you get it your way"
However I couldn't ever understand this way f thinking and would never do it myself. I'm who I am and if I'm not good enough for you, there's the door. There's someone who I'm perfect for waiting outside somewhere...
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I'm the same way. I would never manipulate anyone into marrying me. I do know women who I think have done this though. Changed after marriage. Seems to be a tactic of people who are aholes.
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There must be something about them if the thread is this long...
It is, even the ones that hates still got their bedrocked, so that's saying something.

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Jayc3on - I had ONE date with a pisces guy (just a normal date, not even a goodnight kiss at the end) and now he wants me to cook him dinner. Is that a pisces thing to ask?
You look really mean in your profile pic.
Pisces is very compatible with scorpio and virgo. Libra is between both of those signs. And pisces and libras are both passive, peaceful signs. If the libra has enough of scorpio or virgo, OR if the pisces has a lot of aqua in their chart (which is *somewhat* compatible with libra), then it is a possible match. might not go long term though if issues arise.
You guys have known me on here for a few years. What is your take on me - astrologically? Despite my chart/sign, do you find me more air, earth, water, fire? Mutable, fixed, cardinal? Which sign do you think is more dominant in me - even if you know my sign already? etc.
like, acne? I think it is up there but not the worst feeling.
I have a lot of the qualities in the marriage material column but I don't think I will get married. I don't exactly know the reason, or maybe there are multiple reasons, but I don't think it will happen for me.
hacked into your phone and listened in on your conversations.

MALE AND/OR FEMALE doing this to you. Why would they?
Women love appliances! Next year a dishwasher or vaccum.
There should be a cats category everywhere and anywhere.
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My sister once walked out of the house holding hands with my boyfriend, she smiled at me and I cried asking her why.
A week later a girl gave her a black eye for doing the same thing. I wanted to meet the girl and thank her but never did.
Karma is fun to watch.
Watching her cry was great!
Keep those legs shut swing door sis.

How awful! (I initially accidentally spelled hoe instead of how which I think was not an actual typo).

I take it you are still not close to her?
Not historical, but my profile pic looks like my high school year book pic. Obv the profile pic is a model so I'm not as good looking, but back in high school I kind of looked like that. Less makeup and blonde hair, not brown, but same length and style , and I also wore a button up shirt like that. And had the same expression because I was pissed that the photographer kept making us twist into all these poses for the pics... so I didn't end up smiling. Or it was a faint smile.
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A sister undermined my parental authority and I blocked her from our lives for a year. We talk now, and it’s getting better, but it’s still not how it was before.

Did she realize what she did wrong and apologize or try to make it better?
Kim K tweeted that her 2 yr old son can spell a difficult word. She was obv proud.

DM wrote this:

Kim did not make it clear if Saint wrote out the word on paper or spelled it verbally.

Or it could be that the former Playboy cover model mixed up Saint with her daughter North, aged four

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What happened? Did it ever get resolved?
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you could have problems in your airways

do you have asthma or shortness of breath? - I have reactive asthma when I get an upper respitory infection or the flu meaning I get asthma when I get lung infections.

were you a smoker or is a smoker? - I haven't smoked in many years.

do you feel the heaviness/tightness when you're anxious? - sometimes but this is different, I know I am about to come down with some kind of lung infection

see a doctor

i mean, it could be a number of things..

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this reminds me when I was little I use to run around the house and I swear I could hear my brain moving back and forth so I told my bro and he told me my brain is so small that it rattles, took me a long time to get over that one

I read this great quote today about worrying but I forget it :/
I don't know many cap men at all (that I know of their sign) but the ones I do know are kind of flaky and closed off, not awful, but just kind of cold and unemotional.

The cap women I know (or have known), are not nice at all (like 90% of them - not saying all of them are like this). Very cold, ruthless, power hungry, condescending, etc.