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  • does anyone else have a problem with the site changes
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    For Libra rising you mean?

    no libra sun click to expand

    It doesn't work that way click to expand
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    Oh, ok, you might want to contact all the astrologers on youtube and tell them that.
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    For Libra rising you mean?

    no libra sun
  • is this making any other libras nervous?
  • oh no, the site changed? do not like.
  • Can you help me figure out what this horoscope means:

    Lots of old garbage has gotten stirred up. You’re at the point where you’re starting to wonder what to do about it. On some level this is akin to what happens to a load of wash; when it hits the rinse cycle all the soil has to be washed away before everything comes clean. The beginning of the rest of your life starts here. Being born again will feel strange until you realize that whoever you were before your soul got heaped with garbage is ready to come alive. Lots of things will emerge. Don’t let anything about the past limit your willingness to embrace your true and total self.
  • You end up like me.
  • Libras have been through a lot astrological in the past 10 years or so. Lots of tough transits. It might have changed Libras and made them tougher (perhaps for the time being).

    Generally, Libras are very passive but I think the past transits and probably current transits (lots of cap transits and cap and libra are square) is going to make them forced to be tougher than they like to be. I think things are supposed to be like this until 2023 or something like that.

    Saturn is currently going through the 4th house for Libras so lots of difficulty with that.
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    I don’t back down from things I truly believe or believe in.

    But I wouldn’t say it’s my way or the highway unless someone keeps pushing my buttons.

    As far as bossy? No. I will however take control of the situation if you are sinking the ship.

    Exactly! Lol
  • Libras are not take charge. If a libra is being bossy then that means they are around stupid people or are in a stupid situation.
  • I never meet Aries men. Ever! It's weird.
  • Good job confirming this is a tactic you use
  • Done
  • can anyone talk about this transit and how it impacted them?
  • to people that they do to you? What is the mindset of people who expect hurt others and not expect them to stand up for themselves?
  • How do you handle greedy people>
  • looks like april is going to suck for libras. there is not one good thing I've read for this month.
  • I had a dream last night that I was looking at a huge full moon in the sky. I could see the details in the moon. Anyway, I just saw today that there is a full moon tomorrow.....in libra! I had no idea about this full moon coming up so is it weird that I dreamt about the full moon? I haven't had a dream of moons before so it isn't like it is a common dream for me.
  • is ands your full name or is it short for something
  • What is your sign? scorpios will most likely leave you alone.