well, she has good self esteem and is confident. yet she has to deal with some pisces issues since Neptune is in 12th and 1st house is almost entirely filled with pisces. so there might be a battle with that outgoing vs. secretive nature. she likes works and does well at work. good luck with romances too but is sensitive about them.
Yes, I have felt that way. I mostly feel like there is a spotlight on me and people are examining my every move/every word I say. I think that has to do with so any aspects to my ASC.

My ASC is Aqua, by the way.
Very sweet and passive, but a lot of energy.
Why is your screen name "lazy"...you seem to have a chart that points to you being very energetic.
Planets in the angle houses (1,4,7,10) are more amplified than the other houses. So you come off as not just a virgo but like the planets in the angle houses.

Since you have a few planets in the 1st, you come off aries like as well since aries rules the 1st house (in all of astrology).

NN in 3rd house and mercury in 10th point to a career or destiny with communication. NN in pisces means you are pisces-like as well. Do you have a good relationship with siblings and people in your town?

Jupiter in 6th means luck in work and health.

chiron in 7th could mean difficulty with relationships, fortunately you have powerful communication indications so you might overcome chiron here.

venus in 8th and pluto in scorpio, you are probably sexy. You have sun almost on MC and mars almost on IC. You are probably energetic and charismatic.

You could be good in sales, a professor, maybe an actor.
yes, but can you post your chart here? go to astro.com and create a chart, then use tinypic.com to upload it onto their site and copy the url to paste here.
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Posted by Montgomery

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The Book of Enoch does talk about angels who became enamored with humans.
The offspring were called Nephilim.

The Gospel of Thomas is another interesting read.

I think Enoch is still canon in the Ethiopian bible.

Anyway... I was off-- chapters 7-8 cover what OP

and @Soul were talking about.



You ever wonder if random people are angels in disguise?

click to expand

I was going to post something similar but it has to do with aliens.

I have been reading about the Nordic, greys, and reptilians. Apparently, the Nordic are nice, and the greys/reptilians are not so much.

Does anyone know anything about aliens?
Posted by Ajna
Mine is definitely a bundle too

Do you find the description fits your life?
I found this description of a bucket chart (which I have) that might explain to you all my difficulties.

I was born with a good chart, but with the now progressions and the transits, my life is more like the latter part of this description.

The Bundle Pattern – All 10 planets are bundled in 1/3 of the chart, leaving 2/3 open. A highly-focused, unifaceted individual, capable of great intensity and depth in one given area, often to the exclusion of all else is the norm. It has all the alienation of the bowl and even more, as it sees less time of strongly engaging transits and must make it all happen in a very brief, intense experience, like living in the high arctic with a very short growing season. These are relatively rare, and often reflect periods of civil desperation or isolation in general, a notable example being the middle years of WWII.
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I have a general disdain when it comes to air signs. Many of them are funny initially, but become moody, and untrustworthy (quick to tell lies). I feel that air signs use fire signs for their lack of strength, similar to the way water signs use earths easy going nature to take out their emotional instability. I fell like AIR signs like to be bullied by people they think are "cooler" or stronger than them. I am far from a bully, but have a quick temper when it comes to air signs being divisive. I feel like AIR signs stand for nothing outside of themselves. I really don't won't to bash this sign, but i continuously forgive these people and they piss me off over and over again. I think their lack of emotion allows them to lie without feeling guilt.

My favorite out of the Air signs is Gemini. Gemini males are funny and witty/always on time in social settings. Gemini are cool in doses, like twice a month. More than that and they will talk butter behind ur back.
Gemini woman usually like me but get nervous around me because i look right threw their fake scatter brain and they begin to act shy.

Libra women always trying to fit in, followers, never speak up on their feelings or thoughts. Always trying to feed off of the strengths of their partners. Libra women are usually pretty and fun to be around. Don't know many libra men.

Aquarius men/women lie without hesitation when they feel incompetent in certain areas. Bully mentally or physically weaker people. I think Aquarius is one of the worst because they are a fixed air sign. I feel it is oxymoronic for an air sign to be fixed (not easy to change). I feel them as a mental sign should be able to learn and adapt, but instead they try to superficially change their thoughts temporarily before going back to their old way of thought. They also say awkward things that only they can relate to. Geminis use them and make them think they are as smart as them.
Aquarius are willing to help, but they always feel you owe them in some way. Good at plotting against people

Maybe some things in my chart causing this?

Sun Virgo
Moon Sagg
Ascd Sagg
Mer libra
Ven leo
Mars aries
Jup gemini
Sat sagg
urn sagg
nep cap
Plot scorp

Yeah, I'm not partial to Aquas for that same reason.

Interesting, you have mercury libra. All your sag would make one strive for the truth.

Does anyone have lot of Uranus presence in your chart? What is your life like, if so?

I have an Aqua ASC and Uranus conjunct my NN. I have many aspects to my ASC.

My life is just so erratic, but in slow motion. It isn't even like one day it is good the next day it is bad. I feel like my childhood was up and now my adult life is down. There is always something new and shocking that happens in my life or that impacts my life and I don't have much stability in my life to help absorb the shocks. I'm just scared this is never going to end. It is like getting shock treatment over and over and without the getting better part.

Honey...you are a social care worker i have never EVER gotten any vibes off you on here that you are anything but a really nice stressed person with a stressful and emotionally demanding job.

You are a really amazing person.

Aww, thank you Seraph. You have always been sweet and supportive on here.

I don't think I am like him (at least I hope not!) but what if there are tendencies or things that are going to come out later? I do have a lot of stress in my life, though.

even if it isn't visible to the others (AC square), you make moves towards the fated spiritual growth (conj U). leaving your hurts which were born with you (from a previous life if we agree that SN is what we bring from our previous life with us into this current one).

And that changes, new experiments, tolerance, science and knowledge (conj. U) help this process.

I'm not evev sugarecoating. this is how I see it.

Thank you, Dwell. I'm scared that my chiron opposite my NN will hinder my growth towards NN. Chiron is in the house of siblings and my sibling causes me lots of problems.
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I'll check if dxp can delete my thread.

TY, Dwell!
Posted by DwellingOnMove
what do you have square or opposing your NN? what was your Moon again?

ps: thanks for paying attention.

I largely have my NN unaspected except for being conjunct Uranus, opposite chiron, and square ASC.
You're over analyzing?? Why are you so interested in Hitler?

I'm not interested in him. I read an article about him last night in an online newspaper and I just decided to look up his birth chart.
can you please delete this thread. My name is in the title and I us this SN for other sites.

BTW Hitler had Moon in Capricorn which is detrimentally placed.
His Cap Jupiter8° sits with his Moon6° at his South Node15° and blocks a fluent improvement towards his North Node in Cancer15° in the 9th house.
Thus he had, with POF in the 9th, worldly success abroad (Austrian went to Germany). But...
But he had also Chiron there and hurt a lot.
With Jupiter in Opposition to NN, he missed improvement in spiritual area.
He was a bigot with Cap Moon. Add Lilith in Taurus at the cusp of the 8th house. Made him to do anything possible to get to wealth and power.
Jupiter in detriment in Gemini and Virgo. Or 3rd and 6th houses. Jupiter opposing his own house. sitting in cadent houses. That's the point. bigot who does not want to expand his view.

Now there is more I even notice!

Hitler had Jupiter in 3rd house (house of gemini), I have Jupiter in gemini (and now my Jupiter is progressed in Taurus (hitler's sun sign) and will be progressing back into the 3rd house since my Jupiter is retrograde).

Hitler had chiron conjunct his NN, I have chiron conjunct my SN.