I know they are supposed to be the workers, the critical/detail-oriented ones of the zodiac, but I find that is true with their work. Outside of work, I find them confusing - almost as if their personality is more pisces-like. Their personality is difficult to pin point.

Does anyone feel this way?
I think the 12th house is more of a the free-thinking/daydreaming house vs. the more detail oriented/factual virgo/6th house.

Virgos are the workers but pisces are the (day)dreamers.
What is up with Harvey Weinstein having a weird and creepy bath and massage fetish?
I think that has less to do with him being a virgo and more with him being a man.
some people are just hurtful. It is their nature. Let him go connect with someone just as hurtful.
What is your reaction when someone makes fun of your body - admittedly you don't have the best body - but still, what is your reaction.
I have six planets (5 in libra, 1 in virgo) in my 8th house natally.

In my progressed chart, most of those planets are now in the sign of scorpio but in the 9th house.

I used to feel the scorpio influence before but now I feel more of the sag influence because of all the planets in my 9th house, even though the planets are in the sign of scorpio. I'm not too much of a sag fan; I liked it better when I felt the scorpio influence.

My question is do you think a bunch of planets in a specific house would exhibit the house influence vs. the signs of the planets that are in the house? Doesn't matter which planets they are, just say two or more planets in a house.
which sign is best at trying to make you think they are not doing something when it is glaringly obvious they are?
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I have Jupiter in my 4th house and Neptune in my 10th house natally. These planets do not aspect each other in my chart but they are technically in the houses that are opposite each other.

What would that mean? Background - although I have Jupiter in my 4th, I have a very difficult relationship with my family (parents/siblings/extended family). Technically, I should have a great relationship with them but I wonder if the Neptune in the opposite house might cause issues with my 4th house. I wonder if Neptune causes illusions with my family (ie. such as them putting on a show to make themselves look like they are better people than they really are or my disillusionment with them).

With Neptune in my 10th house, I do have a great deal of difficulty with my career - I have trouble finding the right career for myself and people tend to gossip about me. So, Neptune's effect here is pretty on target. However, I wonder if the Jupiter in the opposite house will have any bearing on my 10th house of career and reputation?
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So don't speak like the type of people you date?
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Ahh, Neptune is in the house of home/early family. He probably had pain connected to that.
Really? wow. I don't know how to interpret charts....I just can look at the basic placements.

Interesting you mentioned he had issues with his mom. he had an 8th house moon, which indicates issues with the mother (I have this placement and I don't even want to get into the relationship I have with my mom). Also, nessus (asteroid that represents abuse) is opposite the moon so that is the connection to abuse with the mother. maybe the mother caused problems with his sense of self worth (2nd house) which in turn is what caused the abuse. I wonder who was the chicken and who was the egg in their relationship.

12th house is the house of pisces/Neptune so anything there takes on a pisces like affect. chiron is the wounded warrior asteroid so wherever it is, there is a lot of pain connected to that house or planet it aspects. With mercury there too, he probably had a hazy/maybe sometimes delusional thought process and there was pain connected to that and any Neptune/pisces theme in his life.
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I've heard it's not such a bad pairing.

yes it is
Did he commit suicide or have serious health problems? nessus in 2nd, chiron (and mercury!) in 12th, and moon in 8th would make me think of difficulties that could lead to suicidal tendencies and Saturn in 6th could point to health issues. He had NN in 1st so he was gravitating towards being alone. Mars in 1st house, he probably had a lot of energy. Maybe so much energy that he did something that caused an accident?

Interesting he had Neptune and Uranus in 4th house....as his child never met him (Neptune - illusion) and Uranus meaning abrubt change in home life (his death).

sun in leo conjunct venus in leo, in 11th I would think he had a nice, outgoing personality and lots of friends.

Jupiter in 2nd, did he come from or make a lot of money in his lifetime?

I don't know how to interpret aspects too well.
why is this such a bad pairing (for any kind of relationship)?
I want to know the same thing. Progressed charts makes me depressed because it feels like a change into a new person; not good if you like or have grown used to your natal chart. Transits are easier to handle because you know they are just accents to your natal chart.
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It has alot of emphasis on it. Its the focus of the planet.

The planet=energy
House=area of focus.

The house shows where issues with the planet may appear.

I express my need to show my aggresive side(mars) in a balanced way(Libra)so that I can focus on my personal goals(1st house)

I am attracted to(Venus)to things that are powerful to me(Scorpio)and valuable to me(2nd house)

I am attached to memories(moon)i have of having fun(Leo)with my friends(11th house)

oohhh, this is good! could you help me (if you have the time) with mine?

sun (libra)/moon (libra)/mercury(virgo)/pluto (libra)/mars (libra)/venus (libra) all in 8th house
Jupiter (Gemini) in 4th house
Saturn (leo) in 7th house