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Not really, especially fish caught in NYC harbor or any other industrial place, and fish isn't even meat, its fish.

Fish is meat.

And the fact that you can catch fish off the coast of South America, and eat it without even cooking it... says a little something about its cleanliness.
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hahahahahah if there was a like button id hit it 50 times
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1.No one vents on my thread .

Somebody wrote in that book that I'm lying about being a virgin because I use super jumbo tampons... but I can't help it if I've got a heavy flow and a wide set vagina
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i freaking love this picture! mspisces looks like my kind of people
what's blingy's name these days? i've been really out of the loop for like a year and a half
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awww V, i'm so happy you're getting laid again! so was it an aries

Ewe!!! How's married life?
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i was just thinking about you recently and i hope you are well. shaks is starting rumors and i am not married, but I am still with my gemini boyfriend. i'll send you a quick pm since i dont want to hijack the thread
i love ewe is apparently a blow up sheet that you can stick your manhood inside. a diagram for the visual learners. the tail is referred to as a "vanity flap", then insert at A:

one more picture

seems about right
cancer men make me melt. taurus men give me the quiver as well (they always have amazing eyes)
When was your first kiss?:


At what age did you lose your virginity?:


What is your sexual orientation?:


How many people have you dated so far (been in a relationshop with):


How many people have you had sex with in your life?:


What do you want that number to be when you die?:


Have you ever had casual sex (FWBs, one night stands etc):

yes and it ruled

If somebody were to give you one hundred thousand dollars for participating in gay activity just ONCE (perfmorng oral sex on someone of the same gender), would you do it? This person is even disease-free:

if i had to be the giver then no, receiver, why the hell not?

What makes you want to break up with someone?

if the guy acts like a giant vagina and lets people walk all over him

What makes you want to stay with someone?:

being smart, witty, disciplined, private, and easy for other people to get along with

What is your sign?:

magical, mighty, and messy
awww V, i'm so happy you're getting laid again! so was it an aries
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Libra. Like the after effects of a burrito. There and gone like the wind.

hahaha i actually LOLed. the after effect of a burrito
capricorn! talk about crash and burn. id rather have me an air sign anyway though
yes. it just means you're winning
treetrunk that stupid birthday sex song is going to be stuck in my head all week because of you ^^^^^^^
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Got this relationship advice many years ago, probably the best I've ever had

it's a bunch of crap V. trust me