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  • I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.

    aah.. I love this one
  • Robert James "Bobby" Fischer (born March 9, 1943), won the World Chess Championship on September 1, 1972 and lost the title when he failed to defend it on April 3, 1975. He is considered to be one of the most gifted chess players of all time and, despite his prolonged absence from competitive play, is still among the best known of all chess players.

    "Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent's mind." - Bobby Fischer
    "I give 98 percent of my mental energy to chess. Others give only 2 percent. " - Bobby Fischer
    "I like the moment when I break a man's ego. "
    "I am the best player in the world and I am here to prove it." - Bobby Fischer

    cool stuff.. I didnt know he was a pisces! Big Grin
  • best match for a virgo would be pisces and vice-versa.
    we just complete each other.
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    I told him what if the shoe were on the other foot? He says "I would trust you to handle it". What????? Ok, well played on his part.

    lollll .. I couldn't help but to laugh at this one
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    I made the mistake of writing him a huge email when i was very hurt and angry and said things i never should have and definitely didn't mean.

    so.. why were you hurt and angry in the first place?
    what did he do to you?
  • Qbone is virgo sun/gemini moon?
  • yuechan I think you and your virgo moved too fast.
    also, when emotion runs hot -- it is normal for them to detach.
    You see everything was going so well till you guys held hands.
  • Dane Cook

    Sun------------Pisces 27.47
    Moon----------Taurus 7.10
    Mercury-------Aries 15.01
    Venus---------Taurus 12.26
    Mars -----------Taurus 24.11
    Jupiter--------Capricorn 6.11
    Saturn---------Gemini 1.33
    Uranus---------Libra 17.04 R
    Neptune--------Sagittarius 5.13 R
    Pluto------------Libra 0.48 R
    Lilith------------Scorpio 2.35
    Asc node------Aquarius 3.59

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    uh oh first decan virgo are the messy virgos especially the one born during the early parts of the cusps like the 23 to the 28 of august they have all those leo influence they dont know if they wanna be a virgo or leo lol.

  • I can't stop thinking also.
    even when I lay down to rest, my brain is always thinking of something..

    I dont think this is a virgo thing.. 'cuz I have no virgo in my charts at all.
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    Hey imagination, do you happen to know a virgo with a gemini moon?

    I'm going out with this girl.. she's virgo with gemini moon.
  • so, I read that virgo is used to routine and gemini moon hates routine.

    anyone has this combination? and do you like or dislike routine?
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    A sexuality and love nature powered by fiery, impulsive, selfish, aggressive, fun-loving, impatient, passionate infant-energy.

    Do you expend in one night all the passion other folks do in an entire relationship, then wonder where it all went the next day?

    Do you know you're Number One, and insist that everyone else know it too?

    seems about right.
    I got Venus in Aries.
  • one wish... hmmmm
    get inside an E.T spaceship and riiiiide the universe at lightning speed
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    Just wondering, is anyone else in love w/ Flamin Hot Funyuns? I'm addicted to them!!! yummay!!!

    Flamin Hot Funyuns .. I love 'em!
  • Frozen

  • for those who we dont know, yes we are mute. we dont talk, we just listen, and watch.
    we are not the show-off type if we dont know you.

    but for those we hang around with... we are actually very talkative. we talk alot. specially if its something we know about, or somethin we are familiar with.

    its like totally opposite!

  • aquarius!!
  • if there's no attraction at all... then nope.
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    My Questions to you all Pisces, Is do you all proceed with caution?

    Do you all wait for a sign of attraction before you open up about your feelings?
    yes. if we feel he/she is just as attracted to us, and if he/she hasnt opened up yet. then yes we open up.
    might take some time though.

    Are you all Private about your personal Life?
    to whom we dont love yes. but to those we love, not really.
    we kinda tell them everything and expect them to do the same.

    How do you demonstrate your attraction for someone?
    I dont know.. it depends..

    How do you treat the person you Like/Love/Lust for?
    we would do anythin to make sure our loved one is happy.