" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

Doesn't bring happiness
Had boats, expensive car, at one point 800 k home n didn't give happiness
I live simpler n much happier
Rent a kayak for 8 bucks an hour n I'm closer to the water then that boat lol
I live my dream lol can travel when I can
Health is much more important
Time to focus n integrate ur dark side
They might be divorced by 36
I didn't read anything but her talking about her fears too him! I didn't read her breaking up with him
He distanced himself n ended

He read afraid of being alone as her cheating
Not what she meant n she need to make that clear to him
Miscommunication happens a lot btwen these two signs
Please don't quote me
I will be hiding the comment in abit because I don't ever wan my sister to find out,come across it n know this!!!! I can imagine how incredible
hurtful that would be.
It seems like earth signs need a drink to unwind?
No this isn't little butter this is big
Why do u put up with it? Scorpios are too forgiving always giving the benefit of the doubt. But he's done it many times
Why ? That doesn't matter he is not that man
Ur expectations are normal he just can't meet them
Any one here who says that leaving ur partner hanging on dates n calls is ok ,well when it happens to them...
Ask him how he'd feel if you told him I'd drive Friday night n u never showed up?
So he leaves u on the hang the day he is to come over?
It should be over because of you!
Posted by ScorpioQueen_dajanay
Posted by Vageenka
To me, he sounds very genuine and he definitely is considering taking you back.

But do you really want to be back with someone who is THAT insecure and will always be questioning your faithfulness?


Your so right , maybe he is insecure but I've never cheated on him or complemented other men around him ever , my focus was always on him. I complemented him all the time and it would always make him smile idk why he would have any insecurities
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Regarding his insecurity
Ur as insecure as he is regarding the relationship
He has the same fears
Both sign can let fear of losing n getting hurt ruin a good thing
Focus on the good n now n not what ifs
Love is intense your fear losing n that fear will make it happen when it wouldn't
Regroup n talk in person before he leaves n assure is not cheating

If he can't deal you can say u tried.

But also what ur truly saying is your afraid he'll cheat?
Open up about what u truly meant about being alone
( not meaning cheating)
What do u want
If u want back tell him n how you feel

So what did u mean about being alone?
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My Capricorn sees through crazy and doesn't respond to it. If I want to talk, I have to come at him from a place of level-headedness to get a serious response from him. If I whine, he doesn't entertain me. In fact, last night, I was being rather goofy, and he outright said, "I am not feeling you acting this way." And then he held me while not focusing on me so that we could watch "Der Himmel Uber..." A German movie he wants to show me.

I have yet to sincerely feel he isn't putting in effort or that he's being unjust. When I let go of wanting to win, I realize that the best for our relationship is ALWAYS on his mind.

What do you really want? To win? Or to come to a place of peace?

That's what I love about capricorns
No slip in character on gangs of New York!!
It's like once u have experienced that everything else seems like settling
The struck by lightning thing has only happened once but I'm glad to hear you've experienced said four times it gives me hope LOL
From my perspective once you resort to name calling /cussing the relationship is going downhill.
Posted by LadyPootsAlot
I hope this doesn't come off as an insult...it's more a tentative observation, and I guess a question... It almost seems like Scorpios don't need you to be involved in the relationship. They're having it or not having it their own minds, and you get no say.

Well the other does have a choice
Why we get heart broken
Posted by Vageenka
So when they get married they can cook for their husband and their potential family or whatever?

Do women ever worry that men won't want to marry them if they can't cook or do "housewives" type of butter?

Always was curious about this.

I've fought that stereo type for ever
Like don't value me for keeping the community safe
Don't value me for protecting the community
Don't value me for saving lives
But dang value my spaghetti
That is not a man for me