" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

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Aaaww duude... I feel for you. Thank you for the encouragement. I really need some inside info from the aries ladies on what to do from here... cuz the signs are there... but she has no time??? Or was she just testing me to see if I would be a burden on her?? Hmmmm....

Tbh i dont think its worth it😃

U are a Scorpio,u much deeper as she is,aries ladies are good at first but they grow cold fast,they are flaky
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WHO KNew spanking urself was the way to go
I’d rather side within the dark
Why are you so riled up Op.She lost her job and you’re getting all round up because she couldn’t listen to you.Specially if it doesn’t appear genuine

Kind of common sense and human nature.
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My butt is fine thank you.

Maybe it’s karma payback
I DREAMNT O f last night and I’m drained today
I rare dream of him but when I have it has sometimes been phrophetic
Like him having a baby
I have no contact with him

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WE ACtually have many and come from a soul family

Truth. The notion of soul mates has been so romanticized that people have a hard time facing the reality that a soul mate is more than just someone we marry. They can be mothers, fathers, teachers, best friends, anyone and we are all part of a soul family which follows us through many lifetimes. Hence the common "familiarity" and "it felt like I've known this person before" themes you often get when describing experiences with soul mates. The purpose of us having multiple lifetimes is to evolve our souls in order to keep The universe in harmony and balance. This is where karma comes into play. We each sign a soul contract before we are born in order to learn specific lessons and restore the universe to balance. Our soul families assist in that effort. Hence why they always arrive at a pre determined time. What often throws things off is our free will.
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How are you doing ? What you wrote on your birthday was exactly how I had been feeling as of late
reminiscing . I hope your birthday was great despite what appears as set back at 43 lol
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AIts like been shown the gates of heaven and then the rug being pulled down under
How are you supposed to deal with that?
Guess just happy u even entered for a while
But it’s somewhat cruel to be shown that then taken away no?

God's cruel joke?

How are you Imp? xx
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Good thank you .
Was abit emotional lately with my Leo ex
To think how much pain and dark place he had to be to commit such atrocity.
AIts like been shown the gates of heaven and then the rug being pulled down under
How are you supposed to deal with that?
Guess just happy u even entered for a while
But it’s somewhat cruel to be shown that then taken away no?
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I like my food like I like my women

I can't say that or else I'd be accused of domestic abuse since I like everything battered.
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COLd pizza?
My gym instructor is Scorpio women and at first she came off Arian
Our energy is aggressive without even being so
Just comes off strong, high energy when we are on top of our game.
Interesting to see
ITS true I hate fake ass women who pretend to be fragile
If it true sure but most fake it for attention
Tell me about the pasionless Taurus
Describe that
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You’re right tho senorita. Being a bit out of reach will keep the fire and chase going. I know married women who still are being chased by their husbands. One said girl he will never catch me, she seems really happy. Men like mystery and when they say they like mental stimulation they aren’t talking about brainiacs.

Yeah but I am tired of having to keep on running away cos that itself will make me lose interest.

It's really boring. How long will they need to chase like that? Meh

I don’t think you will be bored if your conscious and realistic. You don’t have to run at all but just do you and live your life.

Men put effort into what they value. Scarcity makes you more valueble.
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Value like if one is a piece of property
Forgot step
First put on airplane mode then clear cookies
Somehow it prevent from reestablishing
HAVE to go to setting and clear cookies
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My last put to this. My bff Virgo GIRL, her car stopped, she called her mom only to tell her she'll be late, called for agency that does that kind of help in traffic )when your car stops, need to pull it away etc, idk how everyone calls it). She has bf also Virgo, didn't even think about calling him.
Another time she had car accident, called police and same service and waited to resolve everything, she just called us to let us know she won't be meeting us because of this. We offered to come and help she said she's ok, doesn't need anything. Also didn't call her bf. Why? Cause she doesn't need anyone to save her simply!
So this may explain Virgo behavior since Virgo's are pretty self sufficient and may not be as responsive for calls to help. Specially in situations so easy solvable. Why would a guy call her uber and service, doesn't she have a cell phone herself? Why would he need to do that for her really, is she incapable in some way cause I don't get it?
My 2 car accidents were one I had Cap guy, he also did absolutely nothing to help out, I wasn't mad. But I did get mad when he told me later same day that we should break up lol
2nd car accident I was with Libra guy, I didn't call him about it yet he somehow came there and asked me wtf why I didn't call, his friend saw it and called him...so different people react in different ways. It doesn't make them bad people tho, whatever some of us may think!

No. Just because *he* can do it, and maybe even *she* can take care of herself (which she ultimately did), doesn't negate the fact that she asked for help and was denied. Apparently because she could handle it on her own.

The guy isn't her life coach, he's her boyfriend.

To not assist simply because you wouldn't ask for help yourself (or someone else wouldn't ask), is being insensitive to the needs of others, regardless of how you personally feel about it.

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He’s worth butter as a bf frankly.
Although I have aaa and can handle butter but if I ask for help n you’d rather sleep
Yeah worthless as a bf