" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

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Lol I still act the same when I'm drunk specially with females moral of the story only drink what you can handle.

Have you ever achieved something and have been ecstatic for a moment and then you're back to square one. I guess success just being happy with the journey versus the outcome.even happiness is fleeting so perhaps better word is at peace with. Scorpio mars, moon Taurus libra Saturn
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Taurus moon is not THAT common i don't think?

I think it's common for some reason.

I meant judging off your opening post lol.

oh ok lol

I wonder why these Taurus moon guys didn't go for Cancer suns? Taurus and cancer are great together.

Are the Scorpio women cancerian I wonder. lol

Scorpio and Taurus have a naturally MASSIVE sexual attraction lol, being a Cancer sun... Cancer and Scorpio are made in heaven traditionally.

opposite attracts!!!

some of the scorpio sun women here on dxp who are single don't like cancer sun men romantically though.

what gives with them?

Best relationship was a Scorp sun and Cap moon by the way.

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Cap moons drive me crazy in a good way
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Not sure never had attraction to Scorpio sun or met one
But not a man either

I remember you said you were married to Leo sun, maybe your Mars/Venus has a lot to do with it.

maybe you have air mars, or fire mars.
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No venus mars in Scorpio
Do have aircstellium in libra
But he was a Scorpio moon
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Is he depressed? Maybe have a talk with him to see where he's at...

I talked but we ended up arguing. He said I was acting like a child. So I compromised

We are meeting up and I want to see him try to put more attention to our relationship.
I think he's stressed with school

Ugh, I'm sorry girl... I went through similar with my ex I would try to communicate my needs and he would throw it back in my face and be emotionally abusive😕 What are your boyfriend placements?

gemini sun libra moon. how was he emotionally abusive? - if you want to share

It's hard to explain but basically he would say I'm selfish, nothing is ever good enough... he would make up excuses as to why we couldn't even go for a walk in the park... it was how he said it and the words just cut me😒 He would ask what about what I want? And I said "what do u want?" And his reply " I shouldn't have to tell you" sooo yeah. Mine was Gem with Aqua Moon. What is your guy Venus and Mercury?
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Lol he shouldn't have to tell ulol
He clearly doesn't know how relationships work
He might not have enough emotional intelligence to have a healthy communicating relation
Sometime the establishment do not want to hear creativity
Because managers might see you as a threat to them n their upward mobility since it came from you
After all we are dealing with humans
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Hard work and you will succeed theory is bs. I know very hipster like thinking. Bear with me.

I was raised in a traditional lower-middle class family. Growing up the most important I was ever taught was to work harder. Hard working men are the best men to have. That being "lazy" was a bad thing. However, even though my family worked their asses off, they never made any real traction and got out of poverty.

When you ask woman even today, one of the traits they say they desire is a hard working man. (I say this as an example that this ideal thought is still a leading trait being seeked) But when I think of hard work, I think a labor job. But then I also think of those entrepreneurs and motivational leaders who scream nothing but grind, grind grind.... and I think that's wrong. Even if they are deemed "successful" in their own right. I think grinding and hard work aren't the true pieces to their achievement. (or at least not the primary benefactory) And I think they have been pushing deal philosophies.

The formula stands physical labor where inputs=outputs. It’s a linear relationship. (Or time for money)

The second formula stands as creative, mental work where inputs ≠ outputs. They are only very loosely correlated. (creating a system to delivery goods or service where the value compounds)

For me, working side by side and examining these business owners/entrepreneurs in south california, I think that the work hard and achieve philosophy is bullbutter. Alot of people who hard. And alot of those people struggle till they die, believing that their toughness and persistence to working hard is actually hurting them and their well being.

I'd like to ask:

Is it true, that we (as a western society) are programmed to work hard, stay busy, and appear busy?

Have you ever questioned why you could try so hard at a position or role only to feel like you are spinning your wheels? Have you ever changed, adjusted, or did you just dig deeper?

Highlight Principles:
80/20 Rule
Minimum effective dosage Rule


Office politics, who you know plays most of it
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My answer to the title question is - yes, if you've made sure there isn't anything serious they are struggling with while trying to hide it, like depression or so. If they've gone cold for unexplainable reasons, you can leave without having a guilty conscience later.

Even if it's depression
Reason might be depressed about being in the relationship n no guts to tell her

Mmm seems he's not ready to be in a relationship where he sees it as teamwork vs winning
Hate: loud mouth,obnoxious
Love: bounce back like nothing
Not sure never had attraction to Scorpio sun or met one
But not a man either
Things change but what's important is a partner receptive tonur needs n concern
Does it seem he is willing to take those into consideration
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especially with geminis

he doesn't put effort or he doesn't really do romantic things, when I try to hold his hand, he shakes it off. we don't go on dates. when he's with me, he's always on his phone looking at videos. he doesn't like talking on the phone when I call him. even with sex..he's calculating. like you have to do it to me since I did it to you last time,

he still wants me to meet him though. he has other friends that he meets with too.

i'm gotten to the point, where I just started giving up on trying to maintain contact with him. I don't really expect anything from him anymore and i'm not disappointed and sad like I usually am. I don't meet him even when he calls me out

I think I want to leave but I'm pretty sure deep down, I still love him very much. our relationship was passionate and great before, we met each other almost everyday and we met each others close friends and family. I kissed him whenever I said sorry. he kissed all my injuries and booboos. he said I was his little su and he got jealous a lot.

but he hurt me a lot too, especially nowadays with how he's acting and the things he says, make me doubt his love for me. today is our one year anniversary, but I am stuck in my feelings. he doesn't care about me

and I have seen people leave 10 year relationships because they lost the 'spark'. how do people stay with someone throughout their life?

The true person doesn't come out after two years
So is this the type of Man U want
I mean this is who he is
He's showing you who he is after one year
In my culture it means another mate will make u forget an ex
The person that triggered this was a Taurus who appeared distant , reserved with walls
Not knowing were I stood because of mixed messages
He did try to get jelous n talk about dating site he had been in.
But I bet this Taurus doesn't see the hand he played

No issues with Leo cuz
no mind games whatsoever
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You know, when you go through you're SO's things without our permission? Because it sends out the message that you don't trust us, which is hurtful, especially if we don't give you a reason to be suspicious. If I were a sag or gem it'd be different.

But I'm a triple Taurus. With a Scorpio who had a cheating ex. And I don't know how to teach him to trust me.

So when you do this Scorpions, are you testing us, or are you doing it because you sincerely believe there is something where there isn't? Either way, it makes me feel 😭

No it's out of fear
Not necessary because we think u are cheating but want to disprove our fear
Although I've never done it but had real urge too once

U need to tak to him n tell him how it hurt you that he didn't trust you
That u are not his ex n should not pay for the sins of other
That only way it will work if is a foundation of trust is established

3 days
I think they are irrevalant now a days
Haven't seen one since a child