" http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"

I think it says more about you talking butter about the person u supposedly love
N if so bad say more about u why your still there
Taurus men don't stare directly. All three of them I've caught offhand which I find more endearing.

First Taurus at the bookstore I had approached and slightly touched him showing him a book. I went down that aisle got another book and I had been reading when I look up I noticed he had been staring at me all that time .not sure why but he was caught LOL

Second Taurus which I met at a concert. which I met at a concert. I was enjoying myself dancing and jumping in whatever you do a concert and I turned around and he had been like longingly watching me I turned around and I could tell he had been watching me for a while
Not in a judgmental way but I can't explain pretty sexy.

Third tourists my ex coworker know that one he full lawn stairs while we were having a discussion. More like a Scorpio . Caught me off guard for sure.

So yeah Tourister from a far and hoping not to get caught LOL
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Spread body inflammation. I so believe this. Just because someone isn't killing you with a weapon doesn't mean they aren't slowly killing you. And they love every minute of it

Well i was married to one
Ended up with cancer
I've had Taurus men gaze at me
Three of them
If you
run you will be haunted with what if's
Does she work full time? Cleaning might be ur thing but no another's n they might be fine just paying for the service.
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Twin flames hurt each other, I can verify that easily.

U met yours?
Are attractive people lazy lovers?
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"It's like he's looking for a reaction from me".

Not everything is about you. Calm your tits.

So what's is it then, he needs someone to meet with every month to stroke his ego? I don't have time for it...why tell me? Just to hear your own voice? Tell one of your boys, not me, don't you think?

See below
It's a treetrunken requirement
You said it urself
I think u want to make it about u
Posted by gemvirgoaries

That's the only problem our bosses are the VPs of the company and require us to meet. But, I am thinking of cancelling this month. I need a break, it grates on your nerves after a while.

You feel like you haven't accomplished anything, or it could have been done by phone or e-mail.

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Posted by EtherealTraveler
He just needs some form of ego boost. Ignore him.

I was thinking this too


He knows I can go 0 - 60 mph (Aries in Moon), so maybe he was trying to rattle my cage again. It's more perplexing and confusing me (bringing out the Gemini & Virgo wanting to solve the puzzle) than angering me (Aries).

I growled at him once on the phone and he growled back, but immediately changed the subject. The second time was in person, I tried to hold my tongue but I confronted him on something and he immediately worked "the charm" for me to retract my fangs and claws (or so he thought).
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This makes no sense
How is talking about his wife an ego boost
Trying to raddle ur cage by talking about his wife!
Are u trying to imply he's trying to get with you by talking about his wife lol

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Posted by Neno2
Anyone else😑

Can it be the scorpio ascendant

The way i present myself

So did you make this thread because you think you're really attractive? Let's see a pic!

😂no pic

I gonna try to smile more so girls see i am not chickeny
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chickeniness is not confidence
So drop the chickeniness n just let the rest shine
Pics or it isn't so!! Lol
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Posted by EvilHare

This was a very interesting article... It explained everything so well.

Every. One. Should. Look. At. It.
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Wtf I'm at worked n it liked me to a porn web
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Lmao your not an marker.... You certainly can be... But it not the core part of personality..
Just show people the best parts of you

How generous that Leo moon can be

How that Scorpio sun stands up for others

So forth and so on...

From what I know your a good guy...

Just don't be petty

Some people need to be asswholed on.
My young cousin is beautiful like a 9 face ,body n soul
All her bf ended up putting hear down
extreme jealousy and abusive
She's a Pisces
It took a Scorpio to handle it
Although is that her gut hanging ???