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  • Cancer; they're emotionally needy, physically needy, mentally needy, and they get crabby/aggressive if they feel like they're many needs aren't being met.
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    Water signs.

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    Water signs have a tendency to drain Sagittarian energy, exhaust them, and literately put out their vibrant, positive, happy mood with al of their excess emotional issues. They're generally too moody and consistently emotionally flustered for Sags. Water signs often tend to think there's power in holding on whereas Sagittarius thinks there's power in letting go.
  • Help me make a list of them?
  • Mmmhmm! Chopped spinach is delicious after boiled on low for about an hour with just the right balance of sugar and salt.
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    I feel that my insecurities towards men and from past relationships are interfering with my current relationship..
    I do everything a gf should.. generous loving emotionally supportive sexually adventurous a friend lover etc. but why do I still feel that I'm not good enough? Sad

    Just these thoughts alone will make me distance myself from him if I let it take full control.. he thinks I'm amazing but I believe other wise. It doesn't help that he can read me when life is heavy on my mind. So of course he wants to talk about it and I rather not.. I just want act like it's not there at all while it slowly eats me from the inside out. Becoming vulnerable and opening your heart to the person you care so much about is frightening.. although I want to be honest with him with everything I feel even down to the core.

    This Scorpio is peeling back my layers..

    It sounds to me like the foundation of your confidence has been eroding over the years. So now, you are trying to build a bond on top of a damaged foundation which is why your work seems to not hold up and be collapsing all together. You still feel like you are not good enough because you have not actually gone directly to the source, uprooted each and every single weed, then gently placed down healthy soil. It sounds like you've managed to master the appearance of healing but you haven't actually mastered the healing process itself.