Got too much sauce. Virguy.

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in pain, hurt, like you don't want to ever fall for it ever again.

I've tried the whole " get out there and meet new men, date new men"

and it ends up just feeling forced even with a nice guy. Void of all feelings.
No spark nothing. And I'm talking at least 10 dates from a diverse pool of guys. Some other people thought would be a good fit.

Im a virgo and I don't know if we're prone to not ever loving again after being shattered once.
Idk anymore. I've tried everything from every book possible to get back out there but lost all interest.

Focusing on me works though , but sometimes you long for a connection with someone....

It takes time, sometimes a little, other times a lot, but one thing I have learned is that you can't rush it. At this point I have overcome 2 major periods of heart break and 1 that I am in the process of working through. It may seem like it will take forever, but I assure you things will get better so long as you allow yourself time to heal and you make a good faith effort to move on.
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and no I'm not a stripper.....: just out of curiosity ....? And when I say stripper, it's only naked show, there won't be touching or sexual contacts... thoughts and experiences? Thank you gentlements

Yep but she gotta make sure it won't make it to mama if sh^t gets real.
I mean yo, I know what the issue is, and I ain't finnin to act like I don't.
I guess all the ratchet honey boo boo memeswere rented out.
Like the Black Terramine I swear.
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I need some advice. This guy I like who is a cancer zodiac came to my town yesterday and messaged me that he would love to see me tomorrow if I'm not busy. I said yeah would be nice to see you. He said same.
Then he messaged me early in the morning like 6am that instead of sleeping he went out with a emoji. What the hell is that mean? I mean why is he telling me that? Does he mean he's gonna sleep the rest of today so we're not meeting?

May not mean anything, may mean something, don't complicate it with guessing games, just ask straight up if yall are still on for tonight.
And once the the tally is in, if the numbers are not adding up, They has got to go.
For me to do that there would have to be a good reason. Matter fact? A string of em. I deal in patterns of behavior when it comes to making judgments about my partner's performance.
1. Would you or would you not date a single parent?

Would not necessarily be my first choice, but if I got close to a single mother and there was something substantial, Yea of course.

2. Why or why not?

Why she wouldn't be my first choice is mostly because her priorities will necessarily revolve around her child/children (as they should). If she is a good mother, I will never be first in her life. Her children by necessity must be.

In most good single mother situations, the baby's father may be in her life. While I am in no way the jealous type, and most baby daddys I know are just normal dudes, I have seen one too many of my single mom friends end up in some pretty heinous standoffs, blowouts, and drama. Ex drama of the highest degree is a major turnoff for me.

I signed up to be a date, bf, partner, not necessarily a role model for her children, considering that there are portions of me that are still developing I wouldn't exactly be at the most ease.

With the above in mind, If I did date her I would do it right, I would likely grow some attachments to her kid. If the relationship ends, that is two relationships destroyed for the price of one.

Relationships are hard with just two people, throwing a child into the mix makes it that much more difficult..
She has a necessarily different life, different responsibilities, different fears. It may make my role as a partner that much more impossible because I may not be able to relate, soothe or give adequate support to you simply because I have not (likely can not) relate to some of the things that she has to go to at the stage of my life that I am now and vice versa.

Why I would.

Well I'm good at adaptation.

If I am dating her she likely was self aware of what will work.

The ones I know tend to be other-centered.

Do or Die attitude tends to be the norm. There is a difference between those who don't and those who have to do, and Single parent's worth their salt tend to be ambitious that is a trait I admire.

Most single moms I know tend to be damnably sexy.

They tend to know what they want and don't want and don't shy away from going after that....

They don't like playing games (dating time is precious after all) and as such you tend to know where you stand as they will play for keeps.

They can be hella independent outta necessity.

They tend to be more hard-nosed than your average bear and really able to adapt.

I get to see a big part of what makes her wonderful, or doesn't. A child is a huge litmus test for if she is worth my time.

3. If you would, under what circumstances would you accept them?

The real determiner would be my own maturity and station in life and her ability to be most of the good.
I knew you would be defensive lol, and I know that you knew that your thread is lighthearted lol. I told you I'm laughing in that quintessential Virgo way.
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Those are already the largest populations so it checks out.

That's not my question. My question is how did they get big in the first place
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Growth conditions: Fertile land (first and foremost), access to fresh water, access to mineral resources, bountiful ecosystem, relatively stable or rather predictable climates that allowed populations to develop quickly, combined with terrain which shielded the nations from external conquest and fairly navigable interior spaces that allowed dominant cultures (that put a focus on large families) were able to take root and spread widely throughout the subcontinent and Eastern Asia. and be copied across both regions till the culture families reached the extent of their geographic reach.

From there... eventually, they consolidated their lands through wars of conquest forming imperial dynasties that enjoyed relative stability (more peace than widespread war) which allowed for a working and relatively civil way of life, and the relatively rapid development of civic infrastructure, villages, became towns, towns into cities where appropriate.

The Chinese and Indians had relatively long lead times before they came into contact with forces that slowed their growth, and most of those snags were because of population pressures.

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Although truthfully...............that's a success.

Not to the Donald
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And all of a sudden I understand Melania lol
Or a Water Vine...I like that better yea, a water vine lol
The white privilege of the top ask thread is blinding #Activistjokes #totallyseriouslyjokingseriously #nahimlaughinghasee
I mean I would say more like a robust rose bush than a tree branch...but I mean thanks for the vote of confidence lol
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Although truthfully...............that's a success.
Didn't you say something about banning porn?
Be honest, which one isn't yours?
Did you know that only you can prevent forest fires?